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Chhotu’s House Class 3 Notes CBSE EVS Chapter 5 (Free PDF Download)

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Chhotu’s House Revision Notes for Preparation and Easy Revision

Chapter 5 of CBSE Class 3 EVS is a pictorial story of a small boy named Chhotu. He came to Mumbai and lived in a big pipe. He called it his house. Even though his so-called house was small, he still invited his friend Monu to live with him. This chapter explains to us the importance of a proper house and how we should help each other. To understand the context of this chapter, download Chhotus House revision notes from Vedantu.

These revision notes are compiled by the experts to explain the objective of this chapter. You will also learn the basic etiquette and ethics followed at home. Refer to these notes to understand the Chhotus House summary and prepare this chapter well.

Download CBSE Class 3 EVS Revision Notes 2023-24 PDF

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Access Class 3 Environmental Studies Chapter 5: Chhotu’s House

Summary of Chhotu’s House

  • There is a story about a small boy named Chhotu.

  • Chhotu made a small house with the help of a pipe.

  • He made all the rooms in that small pipe.

  • He made the bedroom, kitchen as well as the guest room.

  • He used different parts of the pipe to make a lovely house.

  • Chhotu needed a house because he was alone in the city called Mumbai.

  • He came to Mumbai in search of work.

  • He was unable to protect himself from rain, cold, temperature, etc.

  • So he decided to make a house.

  • And then he made his house in the pipe.


  • A place in which a person or persons live is called a house.

  • Everyone needs a house to live.

  • House protects us from rain, cold, etc.

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  • Animals also live in our house. Some of them live because we want them to live with us but some animals are uninvited.

  • In this chapter we will learn about such animals with the help of the poem Home Sweet Home.

  • This poem is saying that this house not only belongs to us but it belongs to all the living things present in that house.

  • All the animals like lizards, rats, houseflies, etc. belong to them also.

Home Sweet Home

  • Every house has different rooms for different purposes.

  • Drawing room or living room is the place where all family members sit together.

  • Guests are also welcomed in drawing rooms.

  • Bedroom is for sleeping.

  • Kitchen is for preparing food.

  • Dining room is a place where we eat our meals.

  • Bathroom is the place where we can take a bath.

  • There are different types of houses we see around us.

Different Areas of a House

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Use of Toilet

  • Use the toilet by sitting properly.

  • Always flush it with water after use. 

  • Wash yourself properly. 

  • Wash your hands thoroughly.

  • Keep your toilet and surrounding area clean.

  • Leave the toilet clean as you want it for yourself.

Clean Toilet

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Solved Examples:

Q1. What did Chhotu think when he looked at the pipe?

Ans: Chhotu thought that he could take shelter in the pipe, as it would save him from the dust, wind, rain, and cold.


Q2. How did Chhotu use the pipe?

Ans: Chhotu took shelter in the pipe.


Q3. In which part of this house will Chhotu like to spend most of his time?

Ans: He would like to spend most of his time around the guest-sitting area.


Q4. Why do you think Chhotu invited Monu to live with him in the pipe?

Ans: He invited Monu to live with him in the pipe because he saw Monu searching for a shelter. Also, Chhotu would feel better if he had company at home.


Q5. Who all live with you in your house?

Ans: In my house, I live with my mother, father, one brother, grandfather, and grandmother.





An imaginary event told for entertainment.


A place where we live with our family.


A tube is used to convey water, oil, and other liquid.


Person who is invited to visit home.


Acting without having been asked.


Place where a person can urinate or defecate.


All around a particular place or thing.

Practice Questions:

Q1. Who will help you to keep your house clean?

Ans:  My mother, my father, my maid, and my grandmother help to keep the house clean.

Q2. Where should we throw the garbage?

Ans:  We should throw the garbage in the dustbin.

Tips to Remember:

  • Visit all areas of your house.

  • Ask your parents about each portion of the house.

  • Help your mother in cleaning the house.

  • Spend more time in your house.

  • Observe at which place the housework is done.

  • Look at what other animals are present in your house.

  • Ask your parents how to use the toilet.

  • Help your parents while cleaning the toilet.

Importance of CBSE Class 3 Chapter 5 EVS Chhotu’s House

This chapter has a huge significance in the Class 3 EVS syllabus. It teaches students the importance of a proper house. It also explains the definition of a house varies from person to person. We call a strong roof above our head a house. On the contrary, Chhotu considers this huge pipe as his house.

The chapter proceeds to explain what an ideal house is. It also explains that a house is made a home by the people living in it. The family members are the ones that bring life to the inanimate house.

To understand the context and prepare the ideal Chhotus House question answer, refer to the revision notes composed by the subject experts. Learn how to answer the exercise questions and prepare this chapter well.

Benefits of Vedantu’s Class 3 EVS Chapter 5 Worksheet and Revision Notes

  • The easy explanation of the entire chapter helps you to understand the context.

  • You will learn why Chhotu considers a pipe his house. You will also realize how important it is to own a house and live in it with your family members.

  • All the sections are explained well so that you can answer fundamental questions such as how did Chhotu use the pipe.

  • Focus on how we all are entitled to certain responsibilities of the house. Learn why we should do our part to maintain the decorum of our home.

Download Class 3 EVS Chapter 5 Worksheets and Revision Notes

Vedantu offers the ideal study material to prepare and revise this chapter. Follow the explanation of this chapter given in the revision notes. Clarify doubts on your own and answer questions such as which parts did Chhotu divide the pipe. Solve the available worksheet to evaluate your comprehension skills and become better.

CBSE Class 3 EVS Study Materials


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NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Chapter 5, titled "Chhotu's House," offer young learners a captivating journey into understanding the diversity of living spaces and the importance of homes in people's lives. These solutions, designed with clarity and engaging activities, empower students to explore the cultural and geographical variations in housing across India. Through the story of Chhotu and his unique home, children not only gain geographical knowledge but also develop empathy and respect for different ways of life. These solutions encourage a holistic understanding of the world, promoting curiosity, cultural sensitivity, and environmental consciousness among Class 3 students, making learning a memorable and enriching experience.

FAQs on Chhotu’s House Class 3 Notes CBSE EVS Chapter 5 (Free PDF Download)

1. Why did Chhotu invite Monu to live with him?

Chhotu invited Monu to live with him in the pipe as he found him in the same condition he was when he arrived in Mumbai. He wanted Monu to share the pipe he called a house.

2. Where do you throw the garbage at your house?

After studying this chapter, you will learn about the responsibilities assigned to everyone in the family. For instance, you throw the garbage in a specific place. First, it is disposed of in a garbage bin. The content is then thrown away when the municipal cleaners arrive at your house or dump it somewhere designated to store garbage.

3. Do I need NCERT solutions for this chapter?

The NCERT solution for this chapter is essential to find the right answers to all the exercise questions. Refer to the answers and practice to score more in the exams.