NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Chemistry

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Chemistry Chapter 8 - The d and f Block Elements

Chapter 8 Chemistry Class 12 deals with the d and f block of the modern periodic table. The chapter is essential to understand the electronic configuration and the general characteristics of transition elements, oxidization, and chemical reactivity.

For students appearing in the board exams, this chapter is crucial as several essential questions are set from this chapter. In this regard, the Class 12 Chemistry Chapter 8 NCERT solutions come as a great help.

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Chemistry Chapter 8 The d and f Block Elements part-1
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How Helpful is the NCERT Solution for Understanding f and b Block Elements?

Ans. Expert teachers in Chemistry formulate the NCERT solution for f and b block elements. This material is of great help for students appearing in the board exams as it will clear all the doubts based on the fundamentals of the chapters through examples, diagrams, and illustrations.

All important topics related to electronic configuration, oxidization, and chemical reactivity of inner transition metals are delved in detail. The students will be able to learn the positions of d- and f- block elements in the periodic table.

Apart from the general characteristics, the students will also learn about topics like Trends instability of higher oxidization states and trends in M3+/M2+ Standard Electrode Potential.

2. Provide Some of the Important NCERT Questions on f and b Block Elements.

Ans. Some of the critical questions for both short and very short questions from f and b block elements are given below.

  1. Explain why Cu+ ion is not stable in aqueous solution.

  2. What is the stronger reducing agent Cr2+ or Fe2+, and why?

  3. Why is the highest oxidization state of metal exhibited in its oxide and fluoride only?

  4. Which of the 3d series of transition metals exhibits the largest numbers of oxidized states and why?

  5. The silver atom has filled the d orbit (4d10) in its ground state, then how can you state that it is a transition element?

3. What are the Important NCERT Topics and Subtopics of Chapter f and b Block Elements?

Ans. The important NCERT topics and subtopics for the d and f block chapter are given below:

  1. Position in the periodic table.

  2. Electronic configuration of the d block element.

  3. General properties of Transition elements (d block).

  4. Some important compounds of transition elements.

  5. The Lanthanoids.

  6. The Actinoids.

  7. Some application of d block and f block elements.

The NCERT solutions cover all the chapters through exercises and detailed illustrations. Nearly 38 questions are solved extensively by expert teachers that generate improved understanding. Apart from this, there is also a section of solved examples that helps the students in clarifying the concept of d and f block elements.

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