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JEE Main 2025 Login – Candidate Application Number and Password

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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JEE Main Login 2025 Details: How to Go About It?

The JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) Main session 2 registration for the year 2025 is now available thanks to the NTA (National Testing Agency). Students may use their JEE Main login to monitor the progress of their application, make changes to their application, download their admit card, and see results.

Information, including name, date of birth, and address, must be entered by applicants on the website ( to generate a JEE Main 2025 login. Applicants may use the login to access all of their relevant details. Applicants who are interested in taking the Joint Entrance Examination in 2025 must first register.

Steps to Create the JEE Main 2025 Login

To apply for JEE Main session 2 in 2025, students may do so by following the steps described below:

  • Visit their official website at

  • Go to the new registration window by clicking the register link.

  • A page with instructions for the JEE Main application form login will load. Applicants should take the time to read the instructions carefully before checking the box to indicate they have done so.

  • Provide some identifying information about yourself and hit the submit button.

  • Click the "Final Submission" button once all the information has been double-checked. Students may check their application's status by looking at the number that pops up. Applicants must remember this number and use their credentials to finish the application.

Need Help Remembering Your JEE Main Credentials?

Follow these steps if you’re having trouble remembering your credentials:

  • Go to the JEE Main registration website

  • In case you forget your password, utilise the password reset feature

  • Provide an answer to the secret question you selected while applying

  • Input the verification code forwarded to your device

  • It's time to change your password and sign in

How to Recover Application Number?

Here's what to do to recover your JEE Main 2025 application number:

  • Check the official website and select "can't access my account."

  • Type in your information, which may include your name, your parent's name, your birthday, the country in which you were born, a case-sensitive authentication password, and so on.

  • After entering your information and clicking "Submit," your 2025 application number will be retrieved.


Checking the Status of an Application Form

Candidates may use their login to see their application and transaction status after submitting their form. Candidates must fill in the required information below to proceed.

  • Application number

  • Password

After logging in, applicants may see their application status at any time. A confirmation slip would be produced if everything went well with the application submission.

How to Make Changes to Your Application Form on the JEE Main

The rectification window will be accessible on When the form correction feature is activated, applicants can change the information they previously submitted.

Candidates can change their applications by the conducting authority (NTA); however, only certain areas are editable. The opportunity to make changes to one's application for 2025 will open, and a deadline for doing so will be announced. Access to the online application requires a valid username and password.


Candidate Login to Download the JEE Main Admit Card

It is important to remember that without a valid JEE Main admit card, no student will be permitted to take the test. Candidates need their login information to access and download their admission cards. Potential applicants will require:

  • Application/registration number

  • Birth Date

  • Password Combination 

Information such as a candidate's name, exam date, test centre information, registration number, etc., may be seen on the JEE Main admit card.

Candidate Login to Download the 2025 JEE Main Answer Key

The answer keys will be made available on the main site by the National Testing Agency. Participants may see the answer key by submitting their registration number, birth date, and a security passcode that will be presented on the page.

Steps to download the 2025 answer key:

  1. Interested parties should check out

  2. Click the answer key link.

  3. The answer key for 2025 will be shown.

  4. Download the PDF of the 2025 answer key shown.

Login to Check the 2025 JEE Main Result

The main website is where students may get the 2025 result as it becomes available. Applicants may see their score by entering their Jee main result login. To view your result: 

  • Check out their website.

  • Navigate to the results page.

  • Put in your login information. 


Candidates will need their NTA JEE Main login information (including their application number and password) to access their JEE Main admission card, result, etc. Applicants must adhere to the NTA JEE Main's directions. If not, they will be deemed ineligible. The National Testing Agency will only accept responsibility for correct information that candidates provide and will not let them update it after the deadline.

FAQs on JEE Main 2025 Login – Candidate Application Number and Password

1. How can students access the main login page for JEE Main 2025?

To access the login portal, students can visit

2. What is login information required?

The candidate's application number and password are required to access the official website.

3. Is there anything more students can do with their JEE Main login?

Filling out the application, making changes to the application, downloading the admit card, checking the results, etc., can all be done with your JEE Main login.