JEE Main Kinematics Revision Notes

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Today, we will discuss the notes of kinematics for the reference of many JEE Main aspirants. Inertial reference frames or inertial frames hold the concept of Newtonian mechanics. The average speed or average velocity can be written as Vav.

The mathematical expression is: Vav = Δr / Δt

Also, the instantaneous speed can be expressed as

\[\nu\] = \[\lim_{\triangle t\to 0}\] \[\frac{\triangle s}{\triangle t}\] = \[\frac{ds}{dt}\]

And, \[\overrightarrow{\nu}\] = \[\lim_{\triangle t\to 0}\] \[\frac{\triangle \overrightarrow{r}}{\triangle t}\] = \[\frac{d \overrightarrow{r}}{d t}\]


1. There is an alteration in velocity when we alter the speed or the direction of the object.

2. We can conclude the velocity of a particle as zero when it completes its one revolution in a circular path.

3. Possessing the zero speed is totally impossible with a non-zero velocity.

When it comes to average acceleration, it can be written as

\[\overrightarrow{a}\]a𝜈 = \[\frac{\triangle \overrightarrow{\nu}}{\triangle t}\]

The expression over a time interval Δt

We can write the instantaneous acceleration of a particle where the velocity is changing at that instant of time.

\[\overrightarrow{a}\]a𝜈 = \[\lim_{\triangle t\to 0}\]  \[\frac{\triangle \overrightarrow{\nu}}{\triangle t}\] = \[\frac{d \nu}{dt}\]

JEE Main Kinematics Revision Notes part-1
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What Do You Mean by the Kinematics of a Rigid Body?

A kinematic rigid body can be defined as a specific way to move a rigid body instead of moving the other objects without any intention. An example can be written about controlling an elevator with a script via its transform property, instead of displacing other objects.

2. What Are Some of the Kinematics Usages in Real-Life?

There are many real-life usages of kinematics such as; 

Kinematics is used in machine components to govern the unknown speed of an object, which is linked with another object moving at a known speed. 

We can calculate the linear velocity of a piston linked with a flywheel, which is rotating at a known speed.

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