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JEE Main Maths Mock Test

Last updated date: 21st May 2024
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JEE Main Maths Preparation with Free Online Mock Test

Maths in JEE Main demands deep conceptual understanding, problem-solving skills, and application of theory, making it a challenging subject. Questions from Maths hold 33% of the JEE Main. You can excel in the Maths JEE Main questions with Vedantu's Free Online Mock Test Series. Solving the maximum number of questions is the easy way to succeed in any competitive exam, and that's why we've designed a specialised online Mock Test to help you with the Maths skills for the JEE Main.

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Vedantu’s Maths Mock Test for JEE Main helps with your specific needs, offering Class-specific and Chapter-specific tests, each spanning a comprehensive one-hour duration. Our Maths Mock Test mirrors the actual JEE Main exam pattern and difficulty level, providing a real experience of solving questions. The mock test for JEE Main Maths will be 1 hour and cover MCQs and subjective-type questions that help to cover important topics from the JEE Main Syllabus. This will help you to learn time management for the Maths subject and boost your confidence.

Get ready to conquer the complexities of Maths and excel in your JEE Main Maths with Vedantu's meticulously crafted Free Online Mock Test Series.

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Vedantu Provides the Best Material

Every year you can expect 2 to 4 repeated questions in the JEE Main Exam. But we don’t know from which subject these can be repeated and make a chance to score more than you expect. Hence along with Subject}, it is important to solve questions from other subjects like Physics and Chemistry. Here you can find the links for JEE Main Mock Test created by Vedantu for other subjects:

Class-Specific JEE Main Maths Free Online Mock Test Series 

In the class-wise Mock Test of JEE Main Maths, you will be able to get links to attempt 1-hour Mock Test for each chapter of classes 11 and 12 separately. The purpose of providing a class-wise JEE Main Maths Mock Test is to help students to attempt more questions and assessments based on their current academic level or class. It allows students to gauge their understanding of the subjects and topics relevant to their class curriculum, helping them identify areas of strength and weakness. Here you can find the links to the Maths JEE Main Mock Test for Class 11 and 12. 

Understanding The JEE Main Pattern to Boost The Learning with Maths Mock Test

Understanding the JEE Main pattern is key to excelling in Maths Mock Test. It helps you navigate question types, manage time efficiently, and align your preparation with the exam format, leading to improved scores and confidence in your JEE Main Maths content. Here is the question paper design for JEE Main exam:

  • Exam will be 3 hrs and the total marks will be 300.

  • Each subject will have two sections (section A and B).

  • Section A has 20 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for each subject.

  • Section B has subjective questions where you have to fill the answers in numerical value and attempt any 5 questions out of 10.

  • There will be a negative marking of -1 for each question in both sections.

  • No marks will be given for unanswered questions.


No. Of Questions

Total Questions

Marking Scheme 

(A - correct, wrong

B - correct, wrong)

Section A

Section B



10 (attempt 5)

30 (attempt 25)

A - +4, -1

B - +4, 0



10 (attempt 5)

30 (attempt 25)

A - +4, -1

B - +4, 0



10 (attempt 5)

30 (attempt 25)

A - +4, -1

B - +4, 0



30 (attempt 15)

90 (attempt 75)

300 (max marks)

Vedantu’s Maths Mock Test for JEE Main follows the same pattern given in the table. It provides you the exact time management since it is an online test that ends in 1 hour. You will be also able to analyse your performance after the test since it shows the exam summary on the screen. 

Minimum Marks in Maths to Qualify JEE Main

After attempting the JEE Main Mock Test for Maths your scores will show on the screen. You can analyse from the score whether you can qualify for JEE Main exam 2024. Here are some details on the minimum qualifying marks for JEE Main exam: 

The NTA will release the minimum qualifying marks for JEE Main 2024 after the exam is conducted. The marks required to qualify will depend on the difficulty level of the exam and the performance of the students. Based on the old trends of JEE Main, Candidates scoring 270 marks or above can be sure to secure admissions in the top colleges of the country, as they will be securing 90 percentile or above, which is considered a pretty good percentile.

However, you need to score at least 35 marks in Maths  subject to be eligible for admission to NITs, IIITs, and other GFTIs.

Why you should Attempt Vedantu's Maths Mock Test for JEE Main?

Vedantu's Maths Mock Test for JEE Main offer a vital edge in your preparation. Here's why you should attempt them:

  • Realistic Simulation: Our Mock Test replicates the JEE Main Maths section, providing hands-on experience.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: We encompass all vital topics, mirroring the JEE Main Maths syllabus.

  • Precision & Relevance: Vedantu's tests align precisely with the exam pattern, ensuring accurate preparation.

  • Timed Practice: Our Mock Test JEE Main Maths for enforce time management, vital for success in the actual exam.

  • Performance Analysis: Detailed scorecards pinpoint strengths and areas for improvement in Maths subject.

Perfect Time to Solve Maths Mock Test for JEE Main

Timing is crucial when it comes to preparing for the JEE Main exam, and this includes deciding when to start solving Maths Mock Test for JEE Main. To maximize your chances of success, you need to find the sweet spot between adequate and effective preparation. So consider the following before starting your preparation with JEE Main questions from Maths Mock Test:

  • The perfect time to start attempting Maths Mock Test for JEE Main is during the mid to advanced stages of your preparation. 

  • With a gradual increase in intensity as you approach the exam date. 

  • Adjust this timeline based on your personal study pace and preferences, ensuring that you strike a balance between practice and comprehensive subject coverage.

How Vedantu’s Maths Mock Test for JEE Main Is Different from Others?

Vedantu's JEE Main Maths Mock Test stand out from the competition in several key ways. A few are given below:

  • Precision and Alignment: Vedantu's Maths Mock Test closely adheres to the latest JEE Main exam pattern, ensuring they are relevant and accurate representations of the actual test.

  • Diverse Question Range: Vedantu's JEE Main Maths Mock Test covers a wide spectrum of question types, including varying difficulty levels and formats. It also includes MCQs and subjective questions from Maths in three parts. This diversity enables comprehensive practice and adaptation to the evolving trends in the exam.

  • Same Timing and Marks of  JEE Main: The Mock Test will start and end in 1 hour for Maths which helps to manage timing for each subject in the real JEE Main exam. 

  • Customization Options: Vedantu offers Maths chapter-specific Mock Test for classes 10 and 11, allowing students to maintain their preparation to their individual strengths and weaknesses.

  • Chance For Re-test: If you are not satisfied with your Maths Mock Test you have a chance to re-attempt the same test for FREE.

  • Self Analysis: At the end of the exam you will be able to see the exam summary, which includes number of questions attempted and unattempted, the scores you got and the also the negative marks.

  • Free Online Test: Free Online Mock Test Series for JEE Main {Subejct} offer cost-effective and convenient practice. Students can attempt Mock Test at any time they want from their mobile or laptop.

Before you Begin: Key Preparatory Materials for JEE Main Maths Mock Test 

Preparation for JEE Main is very important and how you do it is as important as writing the exam.  Now you have Vedantu's  Maths Mock Test for your help, but to assist this you need more resources to make the preparation to the fullest. Vedantu also offers other study materials like revision notes, important questions, practice papers, and previous year question papers (PYQPs). Think of these materials as the important resources for your JEE Main exam. Skipping them might affect how well you do for the exam. You can get the links to all the important {Subejct} Mock Test for the JEE Main preparation from the table below:

Boost your Confidence with JEE Main Maths Mock Test from Vedantu

Vedantu's Free Online Mock Test Series for JEE Main Maths offer a comprehensive solution to sharpen your skills. With realistic exam simulation, detailed solutions, and performance analysis, you're equipped for success. These JEE Main Maths Mock Test provide a level playing field, accessible to all. What sets them apart is the meticulous coverage of Maths topics aligned with the JEE Main syllabus. Whether you're aiming for mastery or simply seeking to track your progress, our Mock Test for JEE Main Maths are your key to success. Prepare effectively, understand the subject deeply, and excel in the JEE Main Maths exam with Vedantu's valuable free resources.

JEE Main 2024 Question Paper PDF with Solutions

FAQs on JEE Main Maths Mock Test

1. What is the purpose of the Online Mock Test for JEE Main Maths?

The purpose of the Online Mock Test for JEE Main Maths is to help students prepare for the JEE Main Maths exam effectively. It allows students to practice and assess their understanding of Maths concepts, improve time management, and gain confidence in tackling questions similar to those in the actual JEE Main Maths exam.

2. Is this mock test designed specifically for the JEE Main Maths exam?

Yes, these mock tests are designed specifically for the JEE Main Maths exam, focusing on the Maths-related topics and question patterns that appear in the JEE Main examination.

3. Are these mock tests for JEE Main Maths free to access and use?

Yes, Vedantu provide free Maths mock test for each chapter. You should check the website for class-wise mock test series of JEE Main. Each mock test is of 1 hours duration.

4. How can I access and take the Online Mock Test for JEE Main Maths?

You can access and take the Online Mock Test for JEE Main Maths through the official website of Vedantu that provides these tests. We offer a user-friendly interface for test-taking.

5. Is there a time limit for completing the Maths mock test for JEE Main, similar to the actual JEE exam?

Mock tests for JEE Main Maths often have a recommended time limit for completing the test, similar to the actual JEE Main exam. Since it is providing mock tests for each chapter of Maths, the test is of 1 hour duration. This helps simulate real exam conditions and assess your time management skills.

6. Are the mock test questions at par with the JEE Main Maths exam difficulty level?

Mock test questions are designed to match the difficulty level of the JEE Main Maths exam, with varying levels of complexity to challenge students appropriately.

7. Can I review my answers and receive detailed explanations after taking the JEE Main Maths mock test?

Yes, JEE Main Maths mock tests provide you the option to review your answers and offer detailed explanations for both correct and incorrect responses. This allows you to learn from your mistakes and reinforce your understanding.

8. Can I take these mock tests for JEE Mian Maths on any device, such as a smartphone or tablet?

You can typically take these mock tests on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers, as long as you have internet access and a compatible browser.

9. Are there any prerequisites or qualifications needed to access Maths JEE Main mock tests?

Mock tests for JEE Main Maths are generally accessible to students preparing for the exam, regardless of specific prerequisites or qualifications. However, it's essential to have a foundational understanding of Maths concepts to benefit fully from these tests.