HSBC Full Form

The abbreviation HSBC Stands for Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. The name is a familiar one and almost all have seen the bank popping up like mushrooms in the past years. They are known for their cordiality and professionalism. The bank has reached the pinnacle of success in the banking sector and many aspiring bankers want to be associated or employed with HSBC. The services rendered by them are unparalleled. In the following lines you learn more about the bank, its services and more.


A Quick Look at the History of HSBC

  • 3 March 1865: Thomas Sutherland established the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank in Hong Kong to facilitate the people with proper banking services.

  • 1866: The Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank was changed to the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.

  • 1875: By this year HSBC had spread its branches in continents like Europe Asia and North America. 

  • 1900: This year saw the Chief Manager Thomas Jackson expand the bank to 16 countries with exchange and merchant banking services.

  • 1910: It started providing financial loans to the national governments for infrastructure projects.

  • 1941: By this year the Second World War had affected its progress but in India, London and the US.  

  • 1950: HSBC played an instrumental role in strengthening the economy of Hong Kong.

  • The 1980s: The bank brought the Marine Midland Bank under its wings.

  • 1992: The headquarters of the bank shifted to London. 

  • Recent Times: HSBC grew its business and branches in China. 

HSBC has won many accolades for being one of the best banks so far. It has a great team delivering the best services to people across the globe. 


Services Rendered by HSBC

HSBC happens to be a huge financial service-providing organisation that includes retail banking, global private banking, commercial banking and lots more. Few of the essential services that you can avail of HSBC are 

  • Cash Deposit and Withdrawal 

  • Cheque Clearing

  • Credit and Debit Cards

  • Online Banking Support 

  • Foreign Exchange 

  • Issuing of Cheque Books 

  • Fixed Deposit

  • Recurring Deposit 

  • Demat Accounts 

  • SmartMoney Accounts

You can trust the bankers who will give you sane and wise advice about money matters. 


Once you know the Meaning of HSBC, it will be easier for you to understand the services better. If you are looking for a job then you can as well apply at the different branches of HSBC in India and in the foreign countries. It will be a great ground for you to pursue a career. The perks are high and you have to work hard work for sure. The bank promises great services to the customers so you must also know in detail about their services.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can we Still Find HSBC Banks in India?

A: Being one of the oldest banks all over the world, HSBC still operates well. You will find the branches of this bank in most of the cities in India. The bank has set its own standards in the banking industry.

2. Are They Still Operating in all the Branches?

A: Yes, they do operate in all the branches across India. You might as well find one in your city for sure. If you want to open an account with them then just speak to the personnel at the bank.

3. What is the Standard of Their Services?

A: If you know the Full Form of HSBC then you will also come to terms with their professionalism. The standard of their services is of an international level. They train their staff well so that not a single customer can complain about them.