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ITI Full Form

Last updated date: 24th Apr 2024
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What is the Full Form of ITI?

ITI Full Form in English

ITI full form or ITI full name in education is Industrial Training Institute. The ITIs are post-secondary schools in India that are constituted under the Directorate General of Training (DGT), Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Union Government to provide training in various trades. It was established in the year 1950. The trades in which training is provided by the ITIs are - Electrical, Mechanical, Computer Hardware, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Carpentry, Plumbing, Welding, Fitter, etc. Anyone who has passed grade 10 can enrol for any of these courses. We will learn about ITI in detail here. So, if someone asks you, “what is the full form of ITI?”, you can refer to this article.

Industrial Training Institute Details

Industrial Training Institute (ITI full form in English) was established with the objective of providing technical training and knowledge to the rapidly growing industrial sector. The courses that are provided in ITI colleges are designed to impart the skills in a trade. After the successful completion of the course, the student has to undergo practical training of 1 or more years in his trade in an industry. This practical training is very important as without this training, students won’t be able to appear for the National Council of Vocational Training (NCVT) certificate.

Eligibility Criteria to Get Admission in ITI Colleges

The eligibility criteria to get admission to Industrial Training Institute (ITI abbreviation) are as follows:

  1. The candidate should have passed 10th grade from any recognized board.

  2. The student should have secured 35% marks in the 10th exam.

  3. The candidate’s age should be between 14 to 40 years at the time of admission.

ITI Trades

ITI stands for Industrial Training Institute and thus, conducts two types of trades  - M-Group and G-Group

Some of the Trades of ITI Are:

  • Carpenter

  • Goldsmith

  • Building Maintenance

  • Sanitary Hardware fitter

  • Electronics Mechanic

  • Mechanic Auto Electrical and Electronics

  • Architectural Assistant

  • Excavator Operator (Mining)

  • Mechanic Repair & Maintenance of Two Wheeler's

  • Domestic Painter

  • Industrial Painter

  • Foundryman Technician

  • Interior Decoration and Designing

  • Marine Engine Fitter

  • Mason (Building Constructor)

  • Mechanic Repair & Maintenance of Heavy Vehicles

  • Mechanic Repair & Maintenance of Light Vehicles

  • Mechanic Diesel Engine

  • Mechanic (Tractor)

  • Mechanic Communication Equipment Maintenance

  • Mechanic Lens or Prism Grinding

  • Physiotherapy Technician

  • Plastic Processing Operator

  • Plumber

  • Pump Operator-cum-Mechanic

  • Rubber Technician

  • Sheet Metal Worker

  • Instrument Mechanic

  • Instrument Mechanic (Chemical Plant)

  • Information Communication Technology System Maintenance

  • Laboratory Assistant (Chemical Plant)

  • Lift and Escalator Mechanic

  • Machinist

  • Machinist (Grinder)

  • Maintenance Mechanic (Chemical Plant)

  • Marine Fitter

  • Stone Mining Machine Operator

  • Stone Processing Machines Operator

  • Welder (Gas and Electric)

  • Attendant Operator (Chemical Plant)

  • Draughtsman (Civil)

  • Draughtsman (Mechanical)

  • Electricians

  • Electroplater

  • Fitter

  • Mechanic Mining Machinery

  • Mechanic Agricultural Machinery

  • Mechanic Computer Hardware

  • Mechanic Consumer Electronics Appliances

  • Mechanic-cum-Operator Electronics Communication System

  • Mechanic Industrial Electronics

  • Mechanic Machine Tools Maintenance

  • Mechanic Mechatronic

  • Mechanic Medical Electronics

  • Mechanic Motor Vehicle

  • Mechanic (Refrigeration and Air-Conditioner)

  • Mechanic (Radio & TV)

  • Operator Advanced Machine Tools

  • Vessel Navigator

  • Weaving Technician

  • Wireman

  • Cabin or Room Attendant

  • Computer-Aided Embroidery And Designing

  • Corporate Housekeeping

  • Counselling Skills

  • Creche Management

  • Driver Cum Mechanic (Light Motor Vehicle)

  • Data Entry Operator

  • Domestic Housekeeping

  • Painter General

  • Radiology Technician

  • Spinning Technician

  • Surveyor

  • Textile Mechatronics

  • Textile Wet Processing Technician

  • Tool & Die Maker (Dies & Moulds)

  • Tool & Die Maker (Press Tools, Jigs & Fixtures)

  • Turner

  • Event Management Assistant

  • Firemen

  • Front Office Assistant

  • Hospital Waste Management

  • Institution Housekeeping

  • Insurance Agent

  • Library & Information Science

  • Medical Transcription

  • Network Technician

  • Old Age Care Assistant

  • Paralegal Assistant or Munshi

  • Preparatory School Management (Assistant)

  • Fashion Design and Technology

  • Finance Executive

  • Fire Technology

  • Floriculture and Landscaping

  • Footwear Maker

  • Basic Cosmetology

  • Health Safety and Environment

  • Spa Therapy

  • Tourist Guide

  • Baker & Confectioner

  • Cane Willow and Bamboo Worker

  • Catering and Hospitality Assistant

  • Computer Operator and Programming Assistant

  • Craftsman Food Production (General)

  • Craftsman Food Production (Vegetarian)

  • Cutting and Sewing

  • Dairying

  • Desktop Publishing Operator

  • Digital Photographer

  • Dress Making

  • Surface Ornamentation Techniques (Embroidery)

  • Health Sanitary Inspector

  • Horticulture

  • Hospital Housekeeping

  • Human Resource Executive

  • Leather Goods Maker

  • Litho Offset Machine Minder

  • Marketing Executive

  • Multimedia Animation and Special Effects

  • Office Assistant cum Computer Operator

  • Photographer

  • Plate Maker cum Impositor

  • Preservation of Fruits and Vegetables

  • Process Cameraman

  • Secretarial Practice (English)

  • Stenographer & Secretarial Assistant (English)

  • Stenographer & Secretarial oratory Equipment Technician

  • Architectural Draughtsmanship

  • Resource Person

  • Foods and Vegetable Processing

  • Information Technology

  • Art terms

  • Basic safety and shop floor safety

  • Travel & Tourism

  • Drawing/Mathematics

  • Web Designing and Computer Graphics

  • Agro-Processing

  • Food Beverage

FAQs on ITI Full Form

1. What Does ITI Stand for?

Ans - Full form of ITI Course or ITI full meaning is Industrial Training Institute.

2. When Does Admission in ITI Colleges Commence?

Ans - The admission process in ITI colleges is done every year in August. A new session commences from 1st August every year and the admission process starts before the commencement of the new session. The admission is made on a merit basis (on the basis of a written exam) following the NCVT guidelines in the government colleges. In private colleges, admission is done directly. 

3. Can a Student Get Lateral Entry to Polytechnic Diploma Engineering After ITI?

Ans - Candidates who have passed 2 years ITI trade along with National Trade Certificate are eligible for admission in 2nd year of Polytechnic diploma course. The Polytechnic colleges offer 3 years of engineering courses approved by AICTE through an entrance examination which is known by different names in different states. It is called JEXPO in West Bengal, CG PPT in Chandigarh, JEEP in Uttarakhand etc. 

4. Name the Top 10 ITI Colleges of India.

Ans - There are a total of 15697 functional Industrial Training Institutes (ITI long form) in India which are affiliated to the National Council of Vocational Training, minister of state for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship. Out of these, the top 10 colleges are:

  1. Govt Industrial Training Institute, Purulia

  2. Government Industrial Training Institute (Women)Rae Bareli

  3. Government Industrial Training Institute, Tiruchendur

  4. Government Industrial Training Institute (Women), Madurai

  5. Industrial training institute, Mandvi (Surat) (Government)

  6. Government Industrial Training Institute (Women), Namakkal

  7. Industrial Training Institute Sadhaura

  8. Government Industrial Training Institute, Trichy

  9. Salboni Government ITI

  10.  Government Industrial Training Institute, Ulundurpet

5. What Are the Career Opportunities After Completion of the ITI Course?

Ans - After the completion of the ITI course along with the NCVT certificate, the candidates can apply for both public and private sector jobs. They can apply for various posts in the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force. They can also apply in various para-military forces such as BSF, CRPF etc. They can also apply to various private firms.