BCA full form

The term ‘BCA’ stands for Bachelor of Computer Application. Students who wish to graduate in computer application study the BCA, a three-year undergraduate course. This stream is considered parallel to the B.E or B. Tech in computer science. During this course, the students are provided with the basic knowledge of computer science so that they can pursue their careers in the higher study of computer science. 

In today's world, computer science is one of the prominent streams as it offers several career prospects to stabilize your future. The in-depth knowledge of computer science provides you plenty of opportunities to take in your further studies.

What is the Significance of BCA?  

The full meaning of BCA comes with a deep significance in the field of education. Computer Application is an important subject that students should learn to bring considerable changes in different development sectors. BCA students can prepare themselves for positions such as a developer, system engineer, software developer, programmer, and system administrator. 

Is the Course of BCA Good for IT Sectors? 

Bachelor of Computer Application is a significant course in the area of education. In this course, you come to know about the details of computer programs and logics. Hence, if you are determined to set your career in the IT sector, then BCA is the right stream for your undergraduate course. 

What is the Educational Qualification to Get Admitted to the BCA Course? 

To study Bachelor of Computer Application, you need to pass the 10+2 or higher secondary education. If you have completed a 2 to 3-year diploma after 10th, then also you can appear to the course of BCA. However, some top universities tend to conduct entrance exams for the admission to filter the best students from lakhs of applicants. 

What are the Key Subjects of BCA? 

  • C-Programming

  • Visual basic

  • Computer Fundamentals 

  • System Analysis & Design

  • Computer sub-system

  • Computer practical work in the Laboratory 

Why is BCA Degree Valuable?

The degree of BCA is precious as it deals with some of the key fields of computer education. In recent times, the world will be stopped without the implementation of computers. Hence, it is important to learn different fields of computers thoroughly. Unless students explore the several streams of computer education it will be difficult to bring improvement in software development, handling new programs and much more. Web-development also demands a deep knowledge of computer application. As this stream covers a wide area of computer education BCA owns a huge significance. If you want to shine in the IT industry then you can choose computer Application as your stream. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How to Get Admission in BCA Courses?

To study BCA you will have to pass 10+2 with a considerable percentage. Nowadays,

most of the universities filter the best students by conducting entrance exams. If you  don’t

have a good score in your Higher Secondary exam then you won’t be able to appear in the

entrance exams.

2. What is the Fee for a Bachelor of Computer Science Course?

There is a 3 years course of BCA and it requires 1.5 lakh to 6 lakh INR for the complete

course. You can pursue your graduation in both regular or distance mode. After passing

BCA you can be offered a starting salary of 20,000 to 25,000. 

3. Is Bachelor of Computer Application an Easy Subject?

If you study thoroughly no subject is easy. BCA is a tough subject as it deals with several

complex areas of computer education. However, proper guidance and straight forward

elaboration may simplify the complex chapters.