ISI Full Form

What is the Full Form of ISI?

The full form of isi is the Indian Standards Institute. It is an agency that issues a mark of certification that the Indian industrial products bear. The main purpose of the ISI is to maintain the quality of the products as well as to have control over the fruitful growth of the industries. The ISI mark is a mandate for certain products to be released into the market for selling. The ISI has been renamed and is known as the Bureau of Indian Standards today. It is under the supervision of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution under Government of India.

A Brief History:

The former ISI was established by Dr. Lal C. Verman on 6th January 1947. The ISI saw its first director in DR. Verman. The reformed ISI that is the Bureau of Indian Standards was established in 1986 by the Bureau of Indian Standards Act. Since then, for 30 years, the ISI has been looking over the standards of the Indian products. 

Since 12th October 2017, it has been recognised as the National Standards Board of India. 

The Key Members and Location of the ISI:

The ISI has its headquarters located in Delhi, with 20 centers spread across the country. It has its regional centers located at Kolkata, Chandigarh, Chennai, and Mumbai. The agency is run by 25 members who are drawn from the central and state government and field of industry, consumer organizations, research, and scientific provisions.

Products That Need a Mandatory ISI mark:

Here is a list of a few products that require an ISI mark for commercialization:

  • Kitchen appliances

  • LPG Gas

  • Thermometers

  • Electrical Equipment

Abuse and Prevention:

Many industries abuse the ISI mark. Each industry needs to get a license to produce ISI marked products. As consumers, it is your duty to look out for products with fake ISI marks and report them. The fake ISI marks are devoid of the authentic 7 digit licence number.

Some Other Meanings of The Abbreviation:

The isi stands for some other full forms as well. Let us get acquainted with them in the following lines: 

  • Inter-Service Intelligence: Founded in 1948, the ISI was established in Pakistan for the procurement of intelligence information and help the military to act upon them. Naveed Mukhtar is the current Director-General of the ISI.

  • Indian Statistical Institute: The Indian statistical Institute or the ISI is a university for statistical research, studies, application, and teaching, located in Kolkata. Established in 1931 by Prof. A. C. Mahalonobis, the ISI is the oldest and the most reputed statistical institute and has the status of Institute of National Importance. Apart from courses for Masters and Bachelors in Statistics, the ISI offers graduation and post-graduation courses for mathematics, computer science, and philosophy. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is an ISI?

The full form of isi means Indian Standards Institution, an agency run to maintain the authenticity, quality and growth of Indian products and industries. ISI can also stand for the Indian Statistical Institute and the Inter-Service Intelligence of Pakistan.

2. Is it mandatory for products to have the ISI mark?

A few of the products must have the ISI mark before entering the market space. LPG Gas, Electrical Equipments, Packaged food products are some of the examples of such products.

3. How to understand is the ISI is a fake?

You will find a lot of products in the market that has fake ISI marks. To understand if it is a fake, you must know that fake SI marks lack the 7 digit license number at the top of the ISI mark, unlike authentic marks.