EDP Full Form

What Is The Full Form of EDP?

The term EDP stands for Electronic Data Processing. It is the activity in which the use of automated methods processes the data. During the operation, computers or other similar devices are used to manipulate record, classify, and summarize the data.

Computers are the best examples of technology using Electronic Data Processing (the edp full form). Other examples of equipments utilizing the technology are calculators, mobiles, servers, etc.

History of EDP

It is believed that the first machine that used the technology was developed in the early 1950s. At that time, punched tapes or cards were the primary sources of data entry. As the punched cards had to be manufactured separately, so data processing was complicated. However, with time, several improvements came up in the technology, and slowly it became possible to process data by using simple computers. 

Stages of EDP 

Data is processed by this technology. The full meaning of edp can be understood further by explaining it in three stages. In the first stage, the data has to be entered into the system with a device like a keyboard or a scanner. In the next step, different programs like code, encryptions, etc. are used to process the data. In the final stage, the processed data is shown to the user in the form of reports, images, audio or video files, etc.  

Advantages of EDP

There are several advantages of using technology. The edp full form and meaning for Electronic Data Processing will explains the important details further. Some of these are:

  1. The information is processed expeditiously.

  2. The information can be retrieved quickly.

  3. The process is extremely efficient.

  4. In the long run, the process is extremely economical.

  5. The high efficiency of the technology reduces the chances of errors.

  6. Additionally, it also reduces the chances of duplication of data or efforts.

  7. It also makes the process of getting invoices, reports, statements, etc. much easier.

Uses of EDP

There are several uses of the technology:

  1. Used in telecom companies to format bills.

  2. EDP is used to maintain student records in schools.

  3. The technology is also used in various supermarkets to keep a record of the products and prices.

  4. It is also used in hospitals to monitor the progress of patients.

Application of EDP In The Present Era

There are different devices like computers, laptops, calculators, mobiles etc that use the above mentioned technology for the purpose of processing data.


The term edp stands for Electronic Data Processing. It is also evident that EDP has massive use in the present age. This is primarily because almost all the activities of our recent life use this technology in some form or the other.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Are The Elements of An Electronic Data Processing System?

Understand the full meaning of edp and also that it is actually made up of four elements. These are Hardware, Software, Procedure and Personnel. Proper functioning of all these four components is critical for the system to work properly.

What Are The Different Types of EDPs?

Electronic Data Processing has three main types. These are automatic or manual, real-time and batch data processing.

What Is The Difference Between Data Processing and EDP?

The term data processing actually means manual data processing. This process often involves complex calculations. The process is a traditional method. In comparison to this, the EDP system is a much more modern and easier method. Therefore, knowing the edp full form and meaning is essential.