CFL Full Form

What is the CFL Full Form?

The abbreviation CFL stands for Compact Fluorescent Lamp. It is a common household name, but the full meaning of cfl is still unknown to many. However, here you will get to know and learn more about this abbreviation. 

These are made of glass with two electrodes where the glass is filled with argon gas and mercury vapour. The inner lining of the glass is lined with a phosphor coating, which gives the bulb a diffused light distribution. Therefore, using these bulbs is not harmful for the environment. 

What are the Types of CFLs Available in the Market?

Presently there are two types that you can buy from:

  1. Integrated: in this Compact Fluorescent Lamp (check cfl meaning), one single unit is designed by using the electronic ballast, the bayonet fitting and the tube.

  2. Non-Integrated: this also consists of the electronic ballast that is fixed permanently in the luminaire. Since this is not combined with the bulb, only the bulb needs to be changed when it expires.

Why has the CFL Gained so much Fame?

Almost every home, office and shop has taken to installing the CFLs. The reasons for doing so are galore once you understand the cfl full form and meaning:

  • These CFLs emit diffused light which reduces the heat of the emission as compared to the incandescent lamps. Since less energy is consumed, less heat is emitted.

  • You can rely on the efficiency of the CFLs as they run for longer than the incandescent lamps and so are highly cost-effective. This also makes them greatly durable.

  • They are economic too as you get to save at least 60-80% energy which explains for a lesser amount of electricity bills.

  • The CFLs also happen to emit less CO2 as compared to the incandescent bulbs which make them eco-friendly.

  • Besides all of the above the CFLs are well suited for any kind of interior design and room décor. 


By now you know what cfl stands for as these are very commonly used and easily available ones. You can switch to them from the old bulbs anytime that you need. Buying them will not be a problem and you are sure to gain from using them. 

These lamps are great for saving electricity. They also happen to emit less harmful rays as compared to the old and stereotyped glass bulbs. You can purchase them for your homes and offices and they will go on for longer than the regular bulbs. So get to know the full meaning of cfl before you make your purchase. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Are the CFLs Expensive?

A: Though the prices are a little hiked for the Compact Fluorescent Lamps, yet they are worth buying for their longevity. You might find them costly when you are purchasing them but in the long run, you will find them to be an economic investment. Plus, they will also save your electricity bills quite a lot.

2. Can I Purchase Them Online?

A: Yes, you can purchase them from the online stores. Almost all the leading online shops sell these Compact Fluorescent Lamps. You can buy a single unit or in a pack of more than one. These are also very easy to set up in the bulb sockets.

3. Do They Suit our Daily Purpose?

A: They do suit your regular purpose as you can use them during any time of the day. The Compact Fluorescent Lamps diffuse dim light that is not at all harsh to the eyes. You can put them anywhere that you want.