DTP Full Form

The First Meaning of DTP- Desktop Publishing

Desktop Publishing is the full meaning of DTP. This DTP is publishing software that is used for printing quality material for people, organizations, or a company and a business. Even though there is a word processor for doing such a task, but it's not enough. As word processing does not provide good control over the design and layout of a page. On the plus side, you can increase productivity and improve sales.

For creating a better-looking publishing material, you will need DTP full form. Apart from giving reasonable control over the structure of a page, you would also get to lower the cost of publishing. With a better-looking document, you can easily attract the eyes of the customers and generate more sales.

The Types of Desktop Publishing

There are Mainly Two Types of DTP (Desktop Publishing). 

  • One that creates electronic pages

  • One that publishes virtual pages

Advantages of DTP

  • You would have an upgraded publishing material with quality design and layout.

  • You can easily customize your pages with DTP acronym according to the demands 

  • You can also buy DTP services if you don't want to buy the equipment yourself.

The Second Meaning of DTP- Distributed Transaction Processing

The other DTP full form is Distributed Transaction Processing. And it is used to distribute the transaction functions, with the help of a network, over several transaction programs. In the DTP database transaction protocol, two or more network hosts can be involved.

DTP helps you to process data when it is needed. This, it does allow overworking network resources.

The Important Properties of Distributed Transaction Processing

Four mandatory features are a must-have in DTP. And those are…

  • Consistency

  • Atomicity

  • Durability

  • And, isolation

Advantages of DTP (Distributed Transaction Processing)

There are five massive advantages of DTP abbreviation, and these can genuinely give you the upper hand in your database transaction protocol. 

  1. You can quickly transfer data between systems to remote resources and control it easily. 

  2. Easily design a perfect and quality application with the help of Distributed Transaction Processing.

  3. Easily workable with CICS, EXEC, and CPI communications.

  4. Distributed Transaction Processing is efficient enough to use between two transactions. And these transactions can easily control the session remotely.

  5. DTP support APPS and can be used with several partners that include CICS and non CICS platforms.

Both of these DTPs (Distributed Transaction Processing and Desktop Publishing) is a very efficient system for businesses. Desktop Publishing can bring productivity and efficiency for an individual or a company. And when it comes to Distributed Transaction Processing, you can complete multiple transaction protocol or function at a time, with proper controlling.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: What is the tool of Desktop Publishing?

DTP abbreviation is a tool that helps you to create high-quality publishing material for your business or an individual. With DTP, you would have superior control over the design and layout, unlike the word processor. You can quickly help your business grow and earn a profit.

Q2: What software is used for Desktop Publishing?

Desktop Publishing or DTP full form is done with Microsoft Word and Excel, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe pagemaker, or QuarkExpress. This software is used for designing electronic documents, page layout, and producing high-quality text. The publishing material by DTP is of superior quality.

Q3: What is the difference between Desktop Publishing and Word Process?

The only and most important thing that makes the full meaning of DTP better is its easy control feature. DTP has so many features when it comes to designing and page payout that you can create a quality publishing material.