ADB Full Form

What is ADB? 

Asian Development is a regional development bank formed on December 19th 1966. Its headquartered located in the city of Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines. It (ADB) emphasizes on social and economical development in Asia has 31 offices across the world. ADB has 68 members as of now of which 49 are from within Asia and Pacific and 19 is of outside. 

ADB formation consists of one representative from each member of the state. The governing body of the bank are the Board of Directors, it also selects banks President who serves as Chairman of the board of directors and holds the responsibility of ADB.

Functions and objectives of ADB: 

ADB (Asian Development banks) important functions and objective in the process of development are.

  • Technical Assistance:

While operating at international levels various countries demands for some technical support to assist in advisory services. 

  • Social and Economic Development:

ADB equipped with membership agenda which consists of various advantages for the member’s countries, which includes loan and investment at discounted rates. ADB also furnishes loans and equity investments for social and economic growth of growing member countries. 

  • Assisting In Policies and Plans: 

Policies and plans reflect as an important tool of any country. Different agencies assist the authorities in creating the policies. ADB plays an essential role to extend help to the members of the countries to frame policies and plans at the international level. 


  • It’s (ADB) main objective is to reduce the count of poverty of the member countries and seeks for economical growth of the countries. 

  • Secondly, the country social and economical growth go hand in hands. Both are equally responsible for the development. 

  • Asian Development Bank prospects is to act as pillar of human development. 

  • Last but not the least they emerged as empowering and strengthening women position in society and keep on supporting in any scenarios. 

Missions and Visions of ADB:


  • Asian Development Bank mission is to support the member countries to minimize the poverty and maximize the country economical growth is the major mission of the Bank. 

  • Its has collaboration with governments sector, private sectors, non-government organization and other foundations which gives support to them (ADB).

  • ADB has opted the strategy work framework from 2008, to facilitate three strategic agendas includes growth, environmental growth and regional integration. 


  • ADB consists as vision in granting advice and knowledge, provides technical assistance and loans. 

  • One of its (ADB) vision is to furnish developing member countries through equity investments and loans, additionally, it assists in mobilizing funds for the growth of the countries.  

What Are The Policies and Strategies: 

  • ADB strategy 2020 was approved by the Board of Directors in 2008, it is the supreme strategy structure to guide all its operations in 2020. Its strategy is to minimize the poverty status of the member countries and increase economic growth in all aspects.  

  • ADB strategic agenda for 2020 emphasizes on the operations of developing private and public sectors, good governance, supporting gender equality, supports developing countries and focusing on its expansion of foundation and other community-based organizations. 

  • By 2012 ADB, became the supreme supportive essential part for the member countries in five major operational segments i.e. infrastructure, energy, water supply, sanitation, urban development, economic development. 

  • It emphasizes to supports of all segments as health, disaster and emergency help. 

  • In 2011, ADB hardcore services to Asian regions turned out in 21.7$ billion as a success rate. 

Funding Sources: 

ADB is a financial institution who gets supports from other institution in terms of finance for smoothening economical increase and betterment of the member countries of Asia and Pacific regions. ADB raises 118million$ from rupee linked bonds and assisted in the growth coordination between India International Exchange in India. 

History Highlights: 

  • Starting of 1960, ADB formation idea came up, later 1963 it’s approved by the ministerial conference of Asian economic cooperation to form up ADB. 

  • December 19th 1966, was formed with the members of 31 count, initially it only focuses on food production and rural development. Takeshi Watanabe was the first President. 

  • Later in the year 1970, ADB collaborated issue worth 16.7million $ issued in Japan. 

  • Asian Development Bank forms to provide low-interest loans to assist developing countries in 1974.

  • In 1982, its first office was held up in Bangladesh to help the needy people of that country.  

  • In 2004, ADB spent over 8 million$ for the revival of regions those struck in tsunami calamity in Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia and Maldives. 

  • In 2014, the midterm formal assessment of the strategy 2020 was delivered and various organizational changes were performed and initiated to develop the business structure result in to emerge as stronger and enhanced. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the full of ADB?

ADB is known as the Asian Development Bank.

2. Who is the current President of ADB?

Masatsugu Asakawa selected as a President of Asian Development Bank by its Board of its Governors on 17th January 2020.

3. What is the role of ADB?

Major role of the Asian Development Bank is to encourage the economic growth of member countries and developing countries as well in aspects of reducing poverty and assisting them in financial aspects.

4. What are the primary goals of ADB?

The primary goals of the Asian Development Bank are: 

  • Promoting Economic Growth

  • Encouraging Development of Human Resource.

  • Reducing Poverty.

  • Improving and supports Women status, helps in building them strong in all aspects. 

  • Protecting the environment.