IFFCO Full Form


IFFCO stands for Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited. IFFCO is an enormous scope Multi-state helpful society occupied with the matter of assembling and promoting manures. It is India's greatest helpful society completely possessed by Indian Cooperatives. It was founded in 1967 with just 57 cooperatives and today, it is an amalgamation of in excess of 36,000 Indian Cooperatives with a wide scope of business interests, for example, general protection, rustic telecom notwithstanding its centre business of assembling and selling manures. 

With around 19% piece of the pie in Urea and around 29% piece of the pie in complex manures (P2O5 terms) IFFCO is India's biggest compost maker. 

The agreeable was positioned 66th on the Fortune India 500 rundown of India's greatest partnerships starting in 2017 with total assets of $2.3 billion as of March 2018.

The Marketing Division of IFFCO has the massive assignment of giving manures to the sides of India, arriving at ranchers who live in probably the most testing territories and areas on the planet. 

The effect of IFFCO stretches out over the world with joint endeavours like JIFCO-Jordan, KIT-Dubai, OMIFCO-Oman, ICS-Senegal, IFFCO CANADA - Canada. Global association reaches out with key MoUs with a few universal compost players and other crude material providers.


  • IFFCO's crucial "to empower Indian ranchers to flourish through auspicious flexibly of solid, top-notch rural information sources and administrations in earth reasonable way and to attempt different exercises to improve their government assistance". 

  • To give to ranchers excellent manures in the correct time and in sufficient amounts to build crop profitability. 

  • To make plants vitality effective and persistently audit different plans to moderate vitality. 

  • Responsibility to wellbeing, security, condition and ranger service advancement to enhance the nature of network life. 

  • Promise to social obligations regarding a solid social texture. 

  • To standardize basic beliefs and make a culture of group building, strengthening and advancement which would help in the steady development of representatives and empower the accomplishment of key destinations. 

  • Cultivate a culture of trust, receptiveness and shared worry to make working, an animating and testing experience for partners. 

  • Building a worth driven association with an improved and responsive client centre. A genuine promise to straightforwardness, responsibility and uprightness on a fundamental level and practice. 

  • To gain, absorb and receive solid, proficient and practical advancements. 

  • Sourcing crude materials for the creation of phosphatic manures at the prudent expense by going into Joint Ventures outside India. 

  • To guarantee development in the center and non-centre areas. 

  • A genuine agreeable society submitted for cultivating helpful development in the nation. Developing as a powerful association, focussing on key qualities, holding onto open doors for producing and expanding upon past progress, upgrading income to amplify the investors' worth.


  • The administrations which are IT-empowered are given to the Farmers to the improvement in rustic India. 

  • To place in certain procedures for its successful utilization empowered administrations. 

  • Additionally, stretch out these IT-empowered administrations to the individuals from IFFCO. 

  • It likewise guarantees that it offers solid types of assistance for providers to IFFCO.


  • FAI AWARDS 2014 

  • IFFCO snatched another situation in IT and Systems - 2014 

  • Dr U S Awasthi Conferred with "Life Time Achievement Excellence Award" in Fertilizer Sector - 2014 

  • FAI - 2013 

  • IFFCO packs the best slow down honour at PusaKrishiVigyanMela - 2013 

  • Grants FAI - 2012 

  • Brilliant Harvest - 2012 

  • IFFCO included one more IT honour in its belt 2012 

  • IFFCO included another IT honour in its belt Subhead: Won ComputerWorld Honors Laureate Award - 2012 

  • IFFCO Awarded for IT Security - 2012 

  • IFFCO included one more IT award in its belt - 2012 

  • Aonla wins CII Environmental Best Practices Award-2011 

  • IFFCO Wins the sixth Annual CIO100 Awards 2011 and Hall Of Fame Award - 2011 

  • IFFCO Shines at FAI Annual Awards - 2011 

  • IFFDC wins the days of India Social Impact Award - 2011

  • SKOCH Digital Inclusion Award - 2011 

  • Best Cooperative Journal Award Competition - 2011 

  • Greentech Gold Award for Training Excellence - 2010 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is IFFCO an Administration Organization? 

IFFCO is certifiably not a 100% govt endeavour and not a PSU in the genuine sense. Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited(IFFCO), is a little scope manure helpful organization situated in India which is enrolled as a Multistate Cooperative Society. IFFCO has 40,000 part cooperatives.

2. Who Claims IFFCO? 

Indian Cooperatives 

Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited (IFFCO) is one of India's greatest agreeable societies which is entirely claimed by Indian Cooperatives.

3. What Number of IFFCO Plants are there in India? 

Five Plants 

IFFCO represents Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative. IFFCO has a sum of five plants in the nation. Of the above plants, three plants are alkali – urea plants, one NPK/DAP plant, and one is an NPK/DAP and phosphoric corrosive manure unit.

4. Who is the Executive of IFFCO? 

Balvinder Singh Nakai 

Agreeable major Iffco Friday chose Balvinder Singh Nakai as its Chairman and Dileep Sanghani as Vice Chairman.