PNR Full Form

What is PNR?

Passenger name record abbreviated as PNR is a database of the computer reservation system that contains itinerary details of passengers or a group of passengers travelling through Trains, Buses, Railways or Domestic and International flights. It is an electronic Barcode that contains details of date, time, Boarding and destination of the travel of customer. A booking reference also referred to as a PNR or Record Locator, is the carrier's internal identifier for your flight booking inside their computer systems. It is produced by the aircraft's computer system, not by the trip specialist or GDS. If your flights include different carriers, there are discrete PNRs for every carrier for use inside their particular system, yet you might be given just the ticketing carrier's PNR. Rather than the expression "booking reference", most occasions in the travel business you hear Passenger Name Record – consequently PNR. Per definition, in the carrier and travel industry, a PNR is a (traveller name) record in the database of a Computer Reservation System (CRS*) that contains the schedule of a traveller. 

How a PNR is Generated?

At the moment when a traveller books a trip, the trip specialist or travel site client will make a PNR in the computer reservation system it uses. This is commonly one of the huge Global Distribution Systems however if the booking is made legitimately with a carrier the PNR can likewise be in the database of the aircraft's CRS. This PNR is known as the Master PNR for the traveller and the related schedule or itinerary. The PNR is kept in the specific database by a record locator. when travel segments are not given by the holder of the Master PNR, at that point duplicates of the PNR data are sent to the CRSs of the aircraft that will provide transportation. The CRSs will open copies of the first PNR in their own database to deal with the segment of the schedule for which they are capable. Different transporters have their CRS facilitated by one of the GDSs, which permits sharing of the PNR. The record locators of the duplicated PNRs are passed back to the CRS that has the Master PNR with the goal that all records remain coordinated. This permits trading updates of the PNR when the status of trip changes in any of the CRSs. Despite the fact that PNRs were initially presented for air travel, carriers frameworks can now additionally be utilized for appointments of lodgings, vehicle rental, air terminal exchanges, and train trips.

Difference between PNR and Itinerary:

Itinerary A travel itinerary is a timetable of events relating to planned travel, comprehensively including destinations to be visited at indicated times and methods for transportation. PNR is the specialized term for a few or all parts (referred to as segments*) of a schedule. In other words, a schedule can have a few PNRs. PNRs comprise of at least one segment. A PNR can be reserved in one or more computer reservation systems (CRS) by means of different channels (for example global Distribution Systems – GDS). In order to get to these different PNRs in various systems, a Super PNR (sometimes referred to as master itinerary) gets important. A Super PNR is like a PNR, in any case, it can contain different PNRs which belong to the same PNR.

How to Check PNR Status of Indian Railways?

Online Mode:

  • Go to the official website of Indian railways.

  • Enter the PNR number in the box given to check the current status of your booking.

  • You will get details such as Train number, departure time and berth status.

Offline Mode:

  • In case if one does not have access to internet dial 139 from the phone to get PNR details. 

First 3 digits:

It tells about from which PRS the ticket has been booked. The following table shows the 


PNR Details:






Secunderabad PRS



New Delhi PRS



Chennai PRS



Calcutta PRS



Mumbai PRS

Last 7 digits:

They are randomly generated number in which no specific information related to travel is present. It is only done to make the PNR unique. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is PNR?

Ans: PNR, PNR number, or PNR code is an electronic detail comprising of numbers and letters generated after booking a flight, a train, a bus or a cab. PNR is the shortened form of "Traveler Name Record" and it is likewise utilized as a booking number on the sectoral basis.

2. Explain  PNR status CNF?

Ans:  PNR CNF identifies the confirmed seats of the passengers after the charting is done. Then he/ she can travel easily without any worries of having Waiting list.