DDT Full Form

What is the Full Meaning of DDT?

The full form of the ddt acronym is DichloroDiphenylTrichloroethane, and it is an odorless and colourless organochlorine substance that is used in insecticides. This makes it highly poisonous for all living beings. It aims at the bodily tissues and stays there for very long.

The primary usage of this DDT is to kill pests and insects in agricultural areas. It is done to protect the crops from being spoiled by these pests.

Let’s Get Back in Time 

The abbreviation DDT stands for DichloroDiphenylTrichloroethane, which dates back to the year 1874 when it was used towards the termination of World War II. Then its primary usage was to control typhus and malaria to protect the commoners and the military troops. The detrimental effects of DDT led the U.S.Environmental Protection Agency to put a ban on its use in the United States.

Why Must it be Used?

The only reason why DichloroDiphenylTrichloroethane should be allowed to be used at large is to bring the pests under control. Since it is not possible for farmers on huge irrigational and agricultural lands to keep an eye and kill all the pests, therefore they have to take resort to the use of DDT for a faster result.

Why Must DDT not be Used?

It is no longer a concealed secret that the ill effects of DDT are more than the good ones. Here are some of the cause why we must stop using it:

  1. The chemical compounds cause harm to the environment.

  2. DDT kills the pests and they die on the same soil where the agriculture is done. This is how DDT enters the crops and plants.

  3. DichloroDiphenylTrichloroethane (DDT meaning) is sprayed on the plants to prevent the insects or pests from eating the crops. This remains on the edible plants that we humans consume, making a way for the DDT to enter our bodies.  

  4. Besides harming us, it also affects the animals by entering their bodies the same way it enters the human bodies.

  5. In animals it results in thinning of eggshells and killing the embryo. 

The DDT full form and meaning will tell you that it is extremely toxic and therefore does more harm than good. 


You will benefit from the given facts about the DDT full form and meaning. By now you also know the ill effects of using it as an insecticide. It causes a lot of harm to our environment which indirectly affects us as well. This will also let you form your own opinions about whether it should be used regularly or not.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What Types of Health Hazards Can DDT Cause in Humans?

Ans: The use of DichloroDiphenylTrichloroethane (DDT full form) can have severe effects on our health. Some of the diseases caused by it are diabetes, giving growth to cancer cells that grow into liver cancer, breast cancer, malignant tumours, havoc respiratory problems, and many more.

2. Is it Soluble in Water?

Ans: No. DDT is not soluble in water. The danger lies in the fact that it gets easily dissolved in organic solvent, oils and fats that unknowingly enter our bodies. This leads to ill health and later becomes a source of some disease unknowingly.

3. Should We Refrain From the Use of DDT?

Ans: Given the hazards that it causes, indicate that we should definitely refrain from using it to kill insects and pests. Above all, we need to keep in mind that it will indirectly affect all humans and animals too.