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TS EAMCET Application Form 2023

Last updated date: 24th Jul 2024
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TS EAMCET Application Form 2023 & Exam Update

If you are planning to take the TS EAMCET, we have some updated news for you. The TS EAMCET exam dates have changed. Read the article in detail. From information on the TS EAMCET application form 2021 to TS EAMCET exam dates- we have all the details that you need. While the dates for TS EAMCET application form download have not been changed, the exam dates have been shifted. Read on to know about TS EAMCET 2021 Form Dates and exam dates.

A Deep-Dive Into TS EAMCET

TS EAMCET is a common entrance examination held in Telangana for facilitating admission in various medical, engineering, and agricultural courses offered by the universities and colleges of the state. Bear in mind, when we are talking about medical courses, we are not talking about MBBS courses - admission to the MBBS courses will be done via NEET. If you want to opt for B.Tech, B.V.Sc, B.Pharma, B.Sc, and Pharm-D, etc, fill the TS EAMCET application form.

TS EAMCET - Important Dates 

The TS EAMCET application form download window opened from 20th March 2021. The dates have not been fixed yet. However, we have accessed the revised date notification as announced by the administration. The TS EAMCET for engineering aspirants will be held on 7th, 8th and 9th July 2021. The TS EAMCET for Agricultural course aspirants will be held on 5th and 6th May 2021.

The TS EAMCET application last date will be on 3rd June 2021. Nevertheless, we would suggest you submit the TS EAMCET application form way before the last date. The dates for error correction and TS EAMCET application form 2021 submission with late fee will be around the latter weeks of April.

Is TS EAMCET Inferior to JEE?

Do not have this myth settling in your brain. Although TS EAMCET is less tough than JEE, it is in no way inferior to it. You have to manage your time well. And as far as the Physics questions are concerned, they will befuddle even the student who has prepared well for JEE. For Maths, you need to solve the problems within a short time. But give the most importance to Chemistry for that will be the defining subject. Do not treat TS EAMCET as a backup plan. You have to prepare as hard for it as you would for JEE. So, fill that TS EAMCET Application Form 2021 and start studying hard and smart.

Tips To Score Well In TS EAMCET

Now that you are ready to fill the TS EAMCET application form, you might want to prepare well for the exam. Here are some tips:

  • For Physics, solve the JEE questions of the previous years and study as if you are targeting JEE.

  • For the Math exam, timing is very important. As a result, you should try to remember all the formulas. The shortcut steps are necessary for TS EAMCET.

  • In order to do well in the Chemistry part, you have to study the fundamentals and examine how the advanced topics are related to the fundamentals of Chemistry.

  • As far as Agriculture paper is concerned, you have to prepare very well as there are only three or four colleges that offer Agricultural courses. The competition will be fierce.


A Recap:



When Can I Start Submitting The TS EAMCET application form?

TS EAMCET 2021 Form Dates are released by the officials. You can start submitting the form on 20th March and the last date is on 3rd June 2021.

Up to which date can I submit the TS EAMCET application form without paying a late fine?

This date is 03rd June 2021. You can still submit the application form even after the TS EAMCET application the last date by paying a late fine.

When Will the TS EAMCET for B.E/B. Tech aspirants be held?

7th, 8th, and 9th July 2021.

When will the Agricultural exams of TS EAMCET be held?

July 5th and 6th.

When Is the tentative result publication date?

Yet to be notified.


Some Important Info Regarding the TS EAMCET -

  • Candidates willing to fill up the TS EAMCET application form 2021 should know that they must belong to the state and must be Indian citizens. Candidates from other states can give the exam but they will be considered non-local during the allocation of seats.

  • Candidates should be 10+2 passed with Physics, Maths and Biology/Chemistry/Biotechnology. Candidates who are not 10+2 passes should have equivalent degrees from the Board of Intermediate Education, Telangana / Andhra Pradesh. Candidates who are awaiting class 12th results can also apply subject to some conditions.

  • Candidates with Diploma in Engineering under State Board of Technical Education and Training, Telangana / Andhra Pradesh.

  • You have to secure at least 45% marks. (40% for reserved candidates.)

  • Candidates can opt to take both the Engineering and Agriculture exams if they want.

NCERT Books Will Be Your Best Friend during Your TS EAMCET Preparation 

Unlike JEE, TS EAMCET focuses on every aspect of a subject. Also, time allocation to different subjects plays a crucial role in the exam. So, do not be complacent while preparing for it. TS EAMCET is not at all easy; you can say it is “moderate” in difficulty level. You must learn everything that is there in your NCERT syllabus for the PCB subjects. Mock tests are particularly important since EAMCET exams are difficult to finish on time. 

Visit the official website time and again to know about the exact dates of the form submission and its deadline. We keep our website always updated. You will hear the latest news on TS EAMCET 2021 Form Dates from us. TS EAMCET is one of the notable exams in India. Most of the eminent colleges in Telangana will take into account your EAMCET score during admission. Study smart and you can crack the exam easily.