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NATA Application Form 2023

Last updated date: 14th Jul 2024
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Get to know About the Exam Pattern of NATA 2023

NATA (National Aptitude Test in Architecture) is an entrance level of national level conducted by Council of Architecture. The NATA 2023 Application Forms are already available online if you wish to appear for it. It is also essential that the students understand the NATA 2023 Exam Pattern so that they have no trouble in solving the question paper. Understanding the pattern will also help them to prepare for the exam in a methodical manner, enabling them to score higher marks.


NATA 2023 Application Form: Things to Consider

The NATA 2023 Application Form is available online from 20 of March, 2023. Students can make the first attempt for the examination on 21 April, 2023. The second attempt of the examination will be conducted on 13 June, 2023. 

NATA 2023 Exam Pattern: Salient Points to Consider 

The NATA Exam pattern 2023 has been released officially on the brochure by the Council of Architecture, CoA, in the March, 2023. The NATA Examination is conducted to test the aptitude of students who wish to get admitted for the B. Arch courses which are offered by several recognized universities in the country. The examination is conducted twice a year, and after the successful completion of the examination, students are eligible to apply for the B.Arch courses in universities of their choice. 

Students should carefully go through the details of the examination which should include mode, medium, duration, types of question, marking system and other relevant details to sail through the examination smoothly. 

Some changes have been noticed in the NATA 2023 exam pattern:

The main exam will be conducted in two parts- 

  • Part A will consist of Drawing- This section of the examination will have a time period of 135 minutes. There will be 3 questions on drawing in this section. 

  • Part B will consist of PCM and General Aptitude – This section of the examination will have a timeline of 45 minutes. There will be 15 questions on PCM in this section, along with 35 questions on general aptitude and logical reasoning. 


The duration of the exam has been slightly increased- whereas previously the paper was of 3 hours duration, now it has been extended to 3 hours 15 minutes. An intersession time of 15 minutes between Parts A and B has also been introduced. The medium of the examination is English. 

Students will have to appear themselves when they appear for Part A as this part of the exam will be conducted in offline mode. Part B of the exam will be conducted online and will consist of multiple choice questions. Each question in this section will have four options and the candidates will have to choose one option as the correct answer. 

Changes in the Marking Scheme: 

Some changes have been brought about in the marking pattern of NATA 2023 and hence it will be prudent of the students to go through the new NATA 2023 exam pattern thoroughly. For Part B of the examination, students will be awarded 1.5 marks for each correct answer and there will be no negative marking. Total marks for the examination will be 200. 

Point to Remember: While there will be no negative marking, candidates who have fewer incorrect answers will be given preference in the inter se merit of NATA 2023.

Salient Features of Drawing Test: 

The Drawing section of the NATA Exam 2023 will be judged on various aspects: 

The candidates will have to:

  • Draw a sketch of a given object according to proportion

  • Visualize and draw the effect of light as it falls on various objects and the shadow it creates 

  • Combine three dimensional elements and compose a building or any other structural form 

  • Create two dimensional shapes and forms with correct measurements 

  • Use colors intelligently to create visual harmony 

  • Show a clear understanding of scale and proportions 

  • Show a good ability of recollecting day to activities from memory and draw pencil sketches

The students should prepare well for the NATA 2023 Exam and also show diligence while filling up the application form. Incorrect details in the application form can result in the cancellation of the application. The students should carefully follow the NATA 2023 paper pattern to be able to answer the problems with confidence.