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KEAM Application Form 2023-24

Last updated date: 15th Jul 2024
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KEAM - Kerala Engineering Architecture Exam 2023-24

The Kerala Engineering Architecture Medical or KEAM is a state-level entrance examination conducted by CEE in the State of Kerala for the students to enter into the various colleges and universities in Kerala for their undergraduate degrees in engineering, agriculture, medical and pharmacy programs. This examination is conducted by the Commissioner for Entrance Examinations (CEE) in online mode.

This year the KEAM 2023 is fixed. All the students who intend to pursue this entrance examination can start registering themselves by filling out the Application Form of KEAM 2023 from the 17th of May 2023. All the students can visit the official website to know more details about the Important Dates of KEAM 2023.

Application Form

The KEAM Application Form 2023 is available for the students on the official website. Applicants must remember that they are required to create a login and password while registering for this test. Only one application is applicable for each candidate. So, the students should be conscientious while filling out the Application Form for KEAM 2023.

Applicants should fulfill all the criteria before becoming eligible for the exam. All the candidates who are from the reserved category should submit requisite certificates along with a photo for the same. Applicants are required to send the Application Form of KEAM 2023 to the address specified online before the 20 May 2023 only then the registration is considered to be completed.

Eligibility Criteria for KEAM 2023

All the applicants for this test should be of Indian origin. Students who are from POI and OCI can also apply for this examination. Students should note the below eligibility criteria for KEAM:

A minimum of 17 years as of 31st of December is mandatory.

  • Students must appear for their senior secondary examination from a recognized university.

  • For admission in the field of engineering, students must have PCM and have scored a minimum of 50 percent in PCM and separately in each Physics, Chemistry, and Maths (PCM) in their class 12.

  • For admission in architecture, applicants must clear their class 12 with mathematics as a mandatory subject and has to compulsorily score 50 percent in aggregate.

  • For admission in B. Pharm., students must score at least 50 percent in Biology and Math separately and again 50 percent aggregate in PCMB.

Students can check the official website to know more details about the eligibility for KEAM and also to keep an eye on the Important Dates of KEAM2023.

Filling Application Form for KEAM 2023

The entire application registration process comprises 6 stages - the registration and uploading of images, followed by filling of the form. To complete the process, the student must make a payment, take a printout of the receipt and send it to the address specified on the official website.

The students who have made up their minds about taking the KEAM 2023, can note the following details before filling out the Application Form for KEAM 2023:

  • An active email ID and phone no. are required.

  • For birth proof, a birth certificate or SSLC or passport will suffice.

  • An income certificate of parents is required.

  • A scanned copy of the photograph, signature, and impression of the left thumb on a white sheet is necessary.

  • Community certificate if applicable.

  • Any other special reservation certificate if applicable. 

FAQs on KEAM Application Form 2023-24

1. What steps does a candidate need to follow while applying for KEAM 2023 exam?

Applicants can note the following while applying for KEAM 2023:

  • Visit the official website.

  • Click on “Registration”.

  • A declaration stating “Proceed for Registration” shall pop up, click it.

  • Enter your details.

  • Click “Register” to apply.

  • An application no. will be provided to the applicant post-registration.

  • Upload your photographs, thumb impression, and signature and then click on “Proceed for Upload Images.”

  • Enter your details.

  • Carefully review the entire application and click on “Final Submission.”

  • Pay the requisite fees, take a printout of the receipt and post it to the address specified online.

2. What are the tips to prepare for KEAM 2023?

KEAM 2022 is a state-level entrance examination, and students are expected to prepare wisely. Following are a few points to note during preparation:

  • Time management is necessary.

  • Read the entire syllabus to understand relevant sections.

  • Download previous year's question papers to understand the question pattern.

  • Take mock tests.

  • Always revise.

Students must ensure that their KEAM Application Form 2022 is complete as only then they will be eligible to register and enter into various government and private universities in Kerala.