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KCET 2023 Counselling, Option Entry, Seat Allotment and Choice Entry

Last updated date: 21st Jul 2024
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KCET 2023 Option Entry, Counselling, and Seat Allotment Details

With the board exams knocking on your door, it is time to make the last preparations for the national level entrance exams you aspire for. On the same note, the Karnataka Examinations Authority (KEA) will soon announce the tentative dates for KCET seat allotment 2023. This seat allotment procedure will be conducted for aspiring students who want to study engineering courses in the top participating institutes in the state. The authority conducts this counselling process to streamline the seat allotment and ensure that every candidate secures a seat in his/her admiring colleges. After the Karnataka Common Entrance Test (KCET) is conducted, the seat allotment process will begin in a full-fledged way. All you need to know is how to do option entry in KCET 2023.

KCET 2023 Counselling

For seeking a seat in your chosen colleges in Karnataka, you will have to follow the KCET 2023 counselling and seat allotment program. The process has been simplified by the government so that every candidate can avail of the benefits. 


KCET Counselling 2023 will tentatively commence in the 4th week of October 2023. The authority will publish the results in the alt week of Nov 2023. After disclosing the ranks of appeared candidates, it will open the KCET seat allotment 2023 process for eligible candidates. The candidates will be able to choose their options on the website as per their score and rank. The counselling will be done in the following way.

  • Document Verification

The counselling centres will be displayed on the official website. Here, the students will have to appear physically to get the documents verified by the designated authority. Once all the documents mandatory for this process are verified, a verification slip will be generated for every candidate containing a unique identification code and password.

  • Choosing courses and institutions

Using this unique ID and KCET registration number, the candidates will have to visit the official website and start choosing options (colleges and courses). The candidates will be able to log in to the website using their respective CET application numbers for changing their options before they get locked. There will be two rounds of seat allotment modification before locking the final options.

KCET Option Entry 2023

After passing the document verification round, the student will be able to perform the KCET option entry 2023 on the official website. For entering the option entry page, the students will need the CET application number. A password needs to be generated for your own safety by using the unique verification ID and password provided by the authority. Once entering this link, the students will easily understand how to do option entry in KCET 2023. 

KCET Mock Seat Allotment 2023

The state authority has taken a great initiative to provide the students or newbies with a way to understand and handle the seat allotment process. A mock allotment KCET 2023 will be conducted before the actual seat allotment process begins. This mock drill will not fixate on any choices taken by the students. This will rather be a practice or an education of how the actual seat allotment will be done. The students will perform the KCET 2023 option entry part in the 3rd week of June 2023.


Once the result is published, the students will be able to modify the options they have chosen as per their merit level, and delete or update the options. There is no need to connect with the allotted institutes based on the mock allotment results announced by the authority. 

KCET Seat Allotment 2023 Process

KEA will conduct the counselling process first. Once the documentation and verification are successfully done, the students will be able to participate in the seat allotment process for KCET 2023. There will be two rounds conducted by the authority. A second extended round and a special round will be conducted once these two rounds for KCET seat allotment 2023 are done. 

KCET First Round Seat Allotment 2023

KCET Seat Allotment for Round 1 is expected to be released by KEA in the 1st week of December 2023. Once the mock seat allotment is over, it will begin and the students will be able to change their chosen options as per preferences. As per the government rules, the physically disabled and reserved candidates will get the first chance to choose preferences from the available list of reserved seats. 

KCET Second Round Seat Allotment 2023

The second round of seat allotment for KCET 2023 will be done for the Kannada medium and rural quota students coming under the reserved categories. The students from general categories will not be able to participate in this round.

Second Extended Round For Seat Allotment KCET 2023

The vacant seats will then be sorted in a cumulative way. Each seat will then be converted into the general category. This allotment will be done for the general and reserved categories so that the empty seats can get occupied by deserving candidates.

A Special Round of KCET Seat Allotment 2023

Once the second extended round is over, the empty seats will again be cumulatively collected for providing fresh options for the candidates to choose from.

After Seat Allotment for KCET 2023

There will be four choices after the seat allotment process for KCET 2023 is over. 

  1. Choice 1

If you are satisfied with your chosen allotment, choose this option to not participate in any further seat allotment rounds. Download the admission form and pay the tuition fee of the allotted college online.

  1. Choice 2

This choice is for those who are satisfied with their chosen options but want to be a part of the other seat allotment rounds. If a higher level seat is allotted, the previously chosen seat will be cancelled on choosing the later one.

  1. Choice 3

The 3rd option is for those who are not satisfied with the allotted seats and want to participate in further rounds of seat allotments.

  1. Choice 4

This option is for those who want to quit the entire process and do not want to participate in any seat allotment process any further.

Final Words

For a hassle-free KCET seat allotment 2023, you need to find out the top colleges you are aiming to study the engineering course. Make necessary preparations beforehand so that you can avoid any kind of hassles later.

FAQs on KCET 2023 Counselling, Option Entry, Seat Allotment and Choice Entry

1. When will the KCET exam 2022 be conducted?

The KCET exam 2022 will be conducted on 16, 17 and 18 June 2022.

2. What is the last date for registration for the KCET exam 2022?

April 22, 2022 will be the last date of registration of the KCET exam 2022. The registration process started on April 5, 2022.