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COMEDK Eligibility 2023

Last updated date: 29th Feb 2024
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The consortium of Medical, Engineering and Dental Colleges of Karnataka conducts an entrance test every year which would help all the prospective B.Tech and B.Arch graduates to ensure that they can get admission in the different colleges of Karnataka. There are different criteria as well as ways to get into these colleges. The following article would help you in understanding the eligibility criteria for admission to different colleges that come under this institution as well as in Karnataka.

Eligibility Criteria 2023 for COMEDK UGET :

Before thinking of applying to the prestigious institution of COMEDK, you need to understand the COMEDK UGET Eligibility Criteria 2020 so that you can ensure that you set the right kind of expectations and do proper planning so that you can get admission in the college of your dreams.

The COMEDK UGET Eligibility Criteria 2020 explains as to what are the different qualifications as well as qualities that would be required by you so that you can ensure admission in the institution and also so that you can prepare yourself well beforehand. It is through the understanding of these criteria that you would be able to make the right decisions at the right time. 

What is the COMEDK UGET Eligibility Criteria 2020?

The COMEDK UGET Application forms 2020 have already been released. To apply for the exam, you would have to visit the COMEDK official website. After going on the website you would then have to fill in all of your details so that you can register yourself for the exam. You would have to understand that to be able to fill the form properly, you would have to first ensure whether you are eligible for the exam or not. The COMEDK UGET Eligibility Criteria 2020 mandates you to clear your PUC II as well as 10+2 or any other equivalent exam. The institution has given out different eligibility criteria for the different courses which are as follows:

  1. COMEDK UGET Eligibility Criteria 2020 for B.Tech Aspirants: 

You should have had PCM and English as your main subjects in 10+2 or any other equivalent exams. You must have a score of 45% on the same. You should have a pass in each of the subjects on an individual level. If you only have a diploma, then you would not be allowed to apply for the exam. 

  1. COMEDK UGET Eligibility Criteria 2020 for B.Arch Aspirants:

In order to apply for the B.Arch course you should have PCM and English in 10+2 or equivalent exams. As a reserved category you must have scored 45% in the 10+2 exam and as a general category, you should have scored at least 50% in the same. The candidates for these exams do not have to appear for the COMEDK exam but they should have given the NATA 2020 and should also have scored a positive result in the same. 

How to Apply for COMEDK 2020?

To apply for COMEDK 2020, the first thing that you would have to keep in mind is that you have to fill the application form properly. Without going through the application form, you would not be able to take the exam. To gain access to the different mock tests as well as admit card, you must fill up the application form well. In this process, it would be important that you fill in all your particulars properly and ensure that all the information that you put in is without any considerable errors. Also upload certain documents and you would have to keep the same ready for uploading. You must go through the instructions of filling out the application form well. Once the form is filled, you could then move on to pay the fees for the exam which is of Rs 1600. You must get through this process properly so that you can ensure smooth registration for the exam. 

How to Claim Reservation under COMEDK?

Claiming reservations in every college has a different process. This section would help you in understanding how you can claim reservation under COMEDK. 

To claim reservation for COMEDK you would have to mention the same while filling in the application form. Then you would have to choose between two options that are Karnataka and Non-Karnataka. Once you have decided on the category the entire claiming process for the reservation would be dependent on the different categories which have been offered. 

To get a fair chance of being able to give the exam as well as get admission in COMEDK 2020 you need to understand all the instructions as well as eligibility criteria well so that you can ensure that you do not miss out on anything significant and also that you can avail your desired college using the right way.