World Environment Day Essay

Essay on World Environment Day

The world environment day is celebrated on the 5th of June every year. More than 100 countries worldwide join in the celebration of the world environment day. It was started by the United Nations Environmental Program in the year 1973 and has been continuing till now. The main purpose of celebrating this day is to spread awareness about the environment.

What is Environment?

Scientifically speaking, everything around us constitutes our environment. Both living and non-living things make up our environment. The living or biotic components include plants, animals and microbes, while the non-living or abiotic components include air, water, soil and so on.

Why The Environment Is In Danger?

The environment is in danger because of the high levels of pollution. All the major components of the environment such as the hydrosphere, the atmosphere, the biosphere, all are trapped with pollutants. The rising level of pollutants is destroying the normal environmental conditions.

This type of pollutants can be natural (for example volcanic eruptions, forest fires etc) or manmade (pollutants released from industries, emissions from cars). It is mainly the manmade pollution that has caused rapid destruction of the environment. The major forms of pollution are air pollution, water pollution and soil pollution.

Why Is It Necessary to Save The Environment?

The environment is one of the most important tools for our survival on planet Earth. The environment nurtures us and helps us survive. We cannot imagine life without air, water and soil. The biotic components like plants and animals are also important survival tools. Plants help purify the air around us. We get food from plants and animals. 

All the components of the environment are dependent on each other in a web of relations known as the ecological web. It is necessary to maintain this web in the balance because if one component collapses then the entire web will crumble destroying all life forms. This is why we must choose to work towards preserving the environment and undoing the damage we did.

What Do We Do On The World Environment Day?

The main purpose of the world environment day is to spread awareness about the current conditions of the environment. On this day people come together to join in efforts to improve our life. Every year there is one theme or environmental problem which is focused upon and pledge to combat that problem is taken that year. For example for the year 2019, the theme was air pollution.

Organizations all around the world come together on this day, to take small steps to improve our future. Schools and offices encourage workers and students to plant trees or clean up some local land. These small efforts can leave a big impact on the environment.

To improve the environmental conditions the government and the international organizations must come together to fight the problems and save our environment. Introducing stricter laws, condemning the use of plastics and planting more trees can help to curb pollution and help save the environment. This can help spread awareness and help people lower the gravity of the pollution levels around then.