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Tips to Take Care of Our Planet on Environment Day

By Shiwani PandeyNovember 02, 2022
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How can we save our Planet on Environment Day?

We claim ourselves to be the smartest of all living organisms yet we are destroying our planet bit by bit. It is the manmade issues that are deteriorating the environment every day. We need to be very cautious and do something to save our planet as we do not have another option to choose and live.

Because of the increasing threats of pollution, population, food crisis, deforestation, etc, we need to be very careful with the future. Every one of us should be doing something to save environment and make our planet a safe haven for future generations.

Why Should We Protect Our Environment?

Environmental protection is not a job but a responsibility we should be paying attention to. If we observe carefully, we are the only animals on the planet that are destroying our only home. Even if we are aware of the facts related to global warming, pollution, population, deforestation, etc, we tend to pay less attention and ignore them. Some of us even think that global warming is a myth or a made-up story.

If we do not protect our environment, we will end up eradicated from this planet. When you take care of your environment, the environment will take care of you. The incessant exploitation of natural resources, cleaning of the forests, developing of modern infrastructure and ruining the natural habitats of animals will cost us dearly. We are harming the natural balance of an ecosystem and its subtle effects are clear.

By using various means, we can make our planet healthier again. We are leading to a devastating future that will end up losing our only home to our mistakes. This is why we celebrate and observe World Environment Day on 5th June every year. We pledge on this day to take necessary measures to make our planet more sustainable.

World Environment Day

World Environment Day

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Tips to Take Care of Our Planet

Here is a list of tips we can follow and do our part to save our only planet.

  1. Conservation of Natural Resources

Natural resources such as water bodies, forests, etc should be conserved and used judiciously. We will need such resources to sustain but cannot exploit them. The common natural resources examples forests, rivers, lakes, fossil fuels, etc. With the quick increase in population and industrialisation, we have witnessed how the forests and water resources are being misused for the overproduction of things.

The incessant exploitation of forests, mines, fossil fuels, etc leads to a very dark future. We have to realise that one day all these natural resources will be gone. The increasing pollution is also causing a huge threat to the ecological balance. Hence, we need to be very cautious in using such resources.

  1. Reduce Reuse Recycle

This should be our prime motto. We have witnessed the overproduction of products in all industries. From cars to smart devices, clothing items to food, we are overproducing things using natural resources at a very alarming rate.

If we do not reduce our consumption and use the resources judiciously, we will end up with dried wells, polluted toxic water, un-breathable air, and a devastated planet. Hence, we need to recycle what we have produced to a considerable extent. We need to reuse resources and recycle as much as possible. This is how we can reduce our consumption. One such example is the recycling of paper. We can reduce our consumption by going digital and using less paper. In this way, we can save tree save earth.

  1. Consuming Less Energy

We also need to consume electricity as much as possible. Leaving the electrical appliances on even if we don’t need them will not help anyone. This habit adds up to the overconsumption of electricity across the world. We produce electricity by utilising the thermal power of fossil fuels. We do not have green energy sources that can power the entire world.

It means that we are using something that is limited. Also, using fossil fuels to generate electricity will also cause pollution. So, misusing electricity is not only depleting our natural energy sources but also harming our environment. We need to reduce our energy consumption as much as possible. Switch off devices in your home when not in use. We need to enjoy the natural environment more and switch off our air conditioners.

  1. Making energy-saving choices

Apart from using less electricity, we need to switch to more energy-saving choices. There is no need to use lights during the day when natural light is entering the home. Natural ventilation is sometimes more than enough to keep us comfortable.

We need to use energy-efficient appliances developed from extensive research. Replace filament and CFL bulbs with LED bulbs. Use solar cookers and install solar panels to use green energy.

  1. Planting Trees

We should learn how to save environment by planting trees. There are unique ways we can follow such as rooftop gardening, backyard cultivation, and other afforestation methods with a purpose.

We need to understand the importance of trees. The green plants can only absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere naturally and reduce global warming. Hence, planting trees in a methodical way is always a great step, to begin with.

Do Your Part

Raise awareness regarding the importance of natural resources. Let people know how much important tap water is. Explain what will happen if we do not get electricity anymore. Make people understand how we can stop polluting our environment.

We can clearly understand that education is the key. Only education can teach a population how to use natural resources judiciously. Hence, we all need to pledge and do our part to save the environment. This is how we can save our planet.