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World Environment Day 2022: A Few Must Known Facts

By Swagata SarkarJune 03, 2022

World Environment Day 2022

Last updated date: 28th Mar 2023
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World Environment Day 2022: Date, Theme, Significance and Interesting Facts

World Environment Day is a global phenomenon for encouraging positive change effectively in our environment. Organised by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), World Environment Day has been celebrated annually on June 5 since 1973. Sweden is hosting the World Environment Day this year i.e in 2022.

This international day is celebrated by millions of people worldwide and it also helps to bring together governments, businesses, civil society, schools, celebrities, cities, and communities to raise awareness and celebrate environmental awareness in over 150 countries.

Image: World Environment Day 2022

Theme of World Environment Day 2022

The theme of World Environment Day 2022 is #OnlyOneEarth. The global campaign on World Environment Day 2022 calls for progressive actions and transformative changes in terms of policies and choices to enable cleaner, greener, plants along with a more sustainable approach to living standards.

It will emphasise the need to live sustainably and in harmony with nature, as well as our options for transitioning to a greener lifestyle through both policies and individual choices. The motto of the 1972 Stockholm Conference was "Only One Earth." After 50 years, the motto remains as relevant as ever — this planet is our only home, and humanity must protect its limited resources.

World Environment Day 2022: The Host

Every year the responsibility of hosting World Environment Day is given to different countries, where the official celebrations take place. Sweden will be the host country in 2022. World Environment Day 2022 will be an opportunity to highlight some of Sweden's pioneering environmental work over the last 50 years. UNEP will collaborate with Sweden to highlight these innovations in the form of written stories and short videos that will be shared online.

Image: World Environment Day 2022

Why is World Environment Day Celebrated?

It is very crucial to know the importance of World Environment Day. The theme of the global environmental event is "Only One Earth" to remind people of their roles and responsibilities to protect our planet.

Every year, this day is observed to recognise what nature has done for us while also reminding us of how pollution, environmental degradation, and climate change are increasing as a result of our activities. This day allows citizens to pause, reflect, and take responsible steps to preserve and improve the environment.

This day is celebrated in order to achieve carbon neutrality by focusing on forest management, planting on degraded lands, solar energy production, promoting coral reefs and mangroves, developing new drainage systems, and so on.

Why is World Environment Day 2022 a Historic Milestone?

The year 2022 will be remembered as a watershed moment in the history of the global environmental community. It has been 50 years since the 1972 United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, widely regarded as the first international environmental meeting.

The 1972 Stockholm Conference sparked the formation of environment ministries and agencies all over the world, as well as a slew of new global agreements to protect the environment collectively.

It was also the point at which the goals of poverty alleviation and environmental protection were linked, paving the way for the SDGs. The concept of World Environment Day was formalised at the Stockholm Conference, with the first one held in 1973.

Image: World Environment Day 2022

When Was the First World Environment Day Celebrated?

The United Nations General Assembly established World Environment Day on June 5, 1972. The first celebration took place in 1974, with the slogan "Only One Earth”. Ever Since, World Environment Day has evolved into a platform for raising awareness about environmental issues such as air pollution, plastic pollution, illegal wildlife trade, sustainable consumption, sea-level rise, and food security, among others. World Environment Day also contributes to changes in consumption patterns as well as national and international environmental policy.

Interesting Facts About World Environment Day 2022

Here are a few interesting facts about World Environment Day 2022:

  1. Nearly 14% of the global carbon emission happens because of food waste. Shocking, isn’t it? But, it's true. So, try to not waste any food from today.

  2. Do you know we use 80+ trillion aluminium cans every year? If we recycle one aluminium can, we can save energy by running a TV for three hours. Just calculate, recycling 80+ trillion aluminium cans can save how much energy!

  3. Do you know that the world environment day has its own anthem?

  4. More than 100 countries celebrate and participate in world environment day.

  5. According to the United Nations, if population growth and consumption continue at their current rates, we, humans, will require three planets like Earth by 2050.

To sum up, we can say that being a responsible citizen of a country, an inhabitant of mother Earth, it is our responsibility to take care of our home planet. It is high time that we do our part to stop the increasing population, pollution, and global warming. Let's pledge on this world environment day that we will plant as many trees as possible and work together towards the healing of our Mother Earth.