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What is Florist And How Do They Work?

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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Let’s Understand About Florist!

Each one of us loves beautiful flowers and wishes to get new flowers every day. Each of the flowers has unique and different properties to them and needs different kinds of care depending upon their species while growing up.

Do you know, What is florist or who is a florist? The people who are interested in working and developing such different flowers are known to work in the floriculture industry.

A Florist Shop

A Florist Shop

This industry involves growing and selling flowers. But the people who are specialised in the selling of flowers, dealing with different kinds of floral designs and their arrangements are known as florists.

Florists are one of the parts of the floriculture industry and have a huge responsibility to them for their job and role. Let us further understand the working of a florist and how to become a florist.

Who is a Florist?

Since we have already discussed what florists are and how they work, let us now understand who is a florist further and make our understanding better towards their work. A florist in general terms is any person who cuts and arranges flowers in different types and hence works completely towards floral designing and cutting. Any person who is a florist has the responsibility of selling the best and the prettiest flower to their customers and hence making a profit through this process.

While the people who work on floral farms have the responsibility to grow flowers, it is the florist’s job to successfully sell fresh flowers of the day to people. They have to keep the public satisfied by delivering or selling them the best flowers available to them. A florist should be responsible for procuring the best flowers in their shops and only then selling the best ones to the people interested in buying them.

Understanding How to Become a Florist

Being a florist comes with a huge responsibility of selling the best and the most worthy flowers in the market. Hence, it includes a lot of responsibility to make people feel satisfied with the beauty, quality, and design of the flowers.

If anyone is interested in becoming a florist in the near future, they should closely observe the growth and development of flowers which might help them further in their career. Having a piece of proper knowledge about different species of flowers is necessary for becoming a florist.

Florist Image

Florist Image

The process through which one can become a florist or a floral designer is easy and simple. One has to complete their basic education with proper marks first and then can proceed on learning about flowers and their development process.

After acing the basics of the floriculture industry, people who are interested in becoming a florist can go for the job training process in different floral shops and hence can successfully become florists after attaining the proper knowledge.

A florist must learn the basic skills vigilantly since they come in help further during the process and help them become a dedicated and professional florist.


Becoming a florist is one of the most lucrative fields of work in the floriculture industry. It is an interactive job that attracts several people and helps people stay interested in buying and selling flowers. Being a florist is considered one of the most creative fields of work which keeps people mesmerised with their work with flowers. They are known to make the customers feel happy with their work and hence are considered important hands in the floriculture industry. Therefore, if someone is interested in becoming a florist, this article will help them understand the process and make their dream of becoming a successful florist possible.

FAQs on What is Florist And How Do They Work?

1. What workstyle a florist follows or What does a florist do?

The work of a florist involves being as creative and interactive as they can be with their floral designs and displays with the flowers. Hence, there are several responsibilities that a florist has to undertake for their proper work. Some of these responsibilities include choosing appropriate designs depending on the type of flowers they are using, determining the appropriate materials to use for their structuring and displaying, and most importantly selling them to the appropriate customer for sale. A florist can be considered successful only if they can take up such responsibilities. 

2. What are some major qualities of a florist?

With some responsibilities to become a qualified florist, one should also have some qualities to make them skilled in their work. A florist should have every skill ready in their hand to prove themselves as the best florist and friend of the flower when it comes to working.

Some of the most important skills of the florist should be able to have good customer skills for people to sell their designs and flowers, and the ability to play with design, colour, and flowers according to the property of different flowers to effectively sell them and a knack & tactics to buy and sell flowers according to their sales and interest of their customers. Hence, only with such necessary skills can one become a professional florist. 

3. What are the main things that a florist should focus on before the wedding decoration?

The main focus points of the florist should be: 

  • Knowing the number of guests, chosen colour palette, date and location, and estimated floral budget. 

  • Creating a theme that matches the wedding theme 

  • Planning a budget and spending plan 

  • Choosing the right flowers to match the wedding theme 

  • Preparing a proper design for their floral decorations and displays of flowers for the wedding. A florist should pay attention to all these points before starting work with the floral displays at a wedding.