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What is an Artist?

Last updated date: 24th Apr 2024
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Amazing Facts about Artists

An artist is someone who has the talent and skills to think of and do creative work. A good artist is creative and knows how to express their thoughts in various ways. They can maintain a balance between originality and tradition when doing their work. Art can take many forms, like painting, sculpture, song, poem, or even graffiti on a wall!

More importantly, artists are the people who have the desire and skills to imagine, design, and make the images, objects, and buildings that we all see, use, live in and enjoy every day. People who make and build things today have different names, just like they did in the past. An artist or craftsperson, for example, might make quilts or baskets that are both beautiful and useful.

An Artist

An Artist

What Does an Artist Do?

In many cultures, people who made, decorated, painted, or built things were not considered artists as we do now. They were artists and craftspeople, and their job was to make the things and build the structures people hired them to do, based on a design everyone agreed on. The artists trained for it.

In Medieval Europe, an artisan usually started as an apprentice around the age of 12. An apprentice was a student who learned all aspects of a vocation from a mentor who had their workshop.

During this, people learned how to paint, bake, build, and make candles. In the end, they could join the craft guild and had to finish their "masterpiece." This showed they had enough skill and craftsmanship to be a master or “artist”.

Different Types of Artists

The different types of artists are based on the following criteria:

Based on Medium

Based on the different kinds of art and how they are made, we can tell apart the different kinds of artists. Please remember that an artist can be both a painter and an installation artist. This kind of person is often called a "medium artist”. Examples: painter, sculptor, collage artist, digital artist, photographer, etc.

Based on Their career

  • The Up-and-Coming Artist: One who has a good body of work and has shown in a few places.

  • The Mid-Career Artist: An artist with a strong and mature body of work and good exhibition history, leading to national and international recognition in the art world.

  • The Established Artist: Someone who has made a lot of art and is well-known in the art world all over the world.

Artists with Different Styles

When it comes to art styles, people often get confused because they mistake an art movement for an art style, which is not the case. The way the art looks is what is meant by "style." So, a certain style can have many different art movements, like abstract expressionism, minimalism, suprematism, constructivism, and op art.

Example of Artists

The most famous artists have made the most famous paintings and sculptures in history. Some examples of artists include the following.

1. Leonardo da Vinci: Leonardo is known as a genius, not only for his masterpieces like the Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, and The Lady with an Ermine but also for his drawings of technologies that weren't invented for another 500 years.

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci

2. Michelangelo: Michelangelo was a painter, sculptor, architect, and poet. His most important jobs were for the Medici Popes in Rome, such as Julian II and Leo X.



3. Rembrandt: This Dutch Master was one of the best artists in history. He is best known for his portraits.



4. Claude Monet: He painted quickly with shards of colour to show how light changes the look of a landscape. Also, his many studies of haystacks and other things came before Pop Art and Minimalism, which used repeated images.

Claude Monet

Claude Monet

5. Vincent van Gogh: Van Gogh was an artist struggling with mental illness. After an argument with fellow painter Paul Gauguin, he cut off part of his ear. However, his paintings are some of the most famous and loved.

Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh


An artist is essentially someone with a great creative mind who can express the same in art. Artists can apply their skills and creativity to produce both original works of art as well as works which are based on pre-existing ideas, concepts or subjects. Many types of artists are differentiated based on their skill level and medium of expressing art. There are some remarkable artists in the world, such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and others.

FAQs on What is an Artist?

1. What is the most important function that an artist serves?

Meaning is preserved, created, and reshaped by artists. It is just part of their routine. In addition to inhabiting the area, their relationship to the environment also includes being able to observe and listen to it. Every creative deed, instance of imagination, and expression in a given location helps mould that location, whether the shaping is done purposefully or not. They see beauty in all things and demonstrate meaning in various forms of daily life.

2. How can I tell whether I have artistic talent?

Nature and nurture both play a role in developing artistic skills, just as they do in the development of a person. If you create art, then you may call yourself an artist. So, go out there and express your thoughts in an art form, and soon enough, you will see whether you are an artist or not. 

3. What are the different types of work an artist can create?

Artists may create both indoor work (e.g., mural paintings) and outdoor work (e.g., landscape paintings), temporary work (e.g. chalk drawings) and permanent work (e.g. sculpture) and applied work (e.g. computer graphics). Artists can work in stage design, filmmaking or photography.

4. Bring out the differences between an artist and a sculptor.

An artist can paint, draw, or express themselves through another expressive medium. A sculptor carves, shapes, or creates something from all sorts of materials, including metal and stone.

5. What are the qualities of successful artists?

To be successful in the art world, an artist should have a unique personality and be enthusiastic about the creations he or she makes. An artist should be confident in his or her skills and know how to promote their work simultaneously.