Speech on Soldiers

Soldier Speech in English

Our brothers, fighting for the nation are the soldiers who are the protectors of this country. A soldier sacrifices their lives in order to protect a million other lives. The soldiers do not get to lead a very comfortable life every day and still they dutifully protect their own country, they carry their duty with a badge of honour and hence they are so committed towards it. 

Speech on Indian soldiers is the main agenda of this write-up. We have structured the speech in simple yet elegant English. 

Long Speech on Soldiers

Honourable Principal, Respected teachers, and my dear friends, I greet all of you a very Good Morning and happy Independence Day.

On the eve of this auspicious day, I would like to dedicate my speech to our beloved brothers, the soldiers of Mother India. Today we are celebrating this day with such a great festive spirit, with peace in our mind, I am able to deliver my speech with great calmness and out of fear, people today will celebrate this day with a lot of enjoyment all these are possible as we know we are not vulnerable to the enemy or foreign attacks, as the borders are sealed by our brave soldiers. With this in our head that the soldiers are up there performing their duty, be it 3 in the sunny afternoon or 3 in the frosty cold night, we can peacefully do our chores or go for a sound sleep. For all these and for other innumerable gratitude that I feel within me, I would like to give a grand salute to all these fighters serving our nation. 

We frequently hear the news that our Indian soldiers are fighting on the Indian borders all day and all night without any failure to protect the country from the attacks of terrorists and to protect the people of India. For this, we acknowledge and are very grateful to every soldier of this country for being the bravest heroes who go through the pain and struggles only to provide us with a peaceful life. It seems they have vowed to keep every single day of ours safe and secure.

For every soldier, their nation for which they serve comes first even before their own family. For their profession, the soldiers do not get enough time to spend with their families. A soldier never hesitates to sacrifice their own life for the safety of their nation. So, the families of these fighting soldiers always wait eagerly for their safe return to their homes.

The soldiers are constantly living under various life-threatening conditions. They remain unsure about when they will be able to return to their own home and meet with their family. In order to safeguard a peaceful night for us, the soldiers put their everything and for their motherland. 

My heart is filled with respect and love and my eyes get moist for the splendid brave deeds of the soldiers and their sacrifices. 

You must be aware of the fact that our country India, in the whole world has the second-largest Indian military force. These armed forces include the Indian Air force which is aerial warfare and the air space, the Army that is the inland bases, and the Indian Coast Guards, which are the Indian Navy.

The soldier’s disciplined life is dedicated in such a manner that will keep the soldier firm on their battlefields to fight against their enemies who try to harm the nation.

These soldiers protect us from all directions. In the land, the Indian Army protects us, in the water, the Indian Navy protects us and, while being in the air, the Indian Air Force protects us. The soldiers ensure our safety and security in all other possible ways.

Speech on Soldiers

Hearty Greetings to our teachers and to our special guests,

This speech is dedicated to our brave soldiers who are our country’s pride. They are the people who selflessly perform their duties if required lay down their lives in order to protect our countries so that the Indian citizens can lead a peaceful life every day.

In such extreme weather conditions, the benevolent soldiers keep a watch on our country’s borders, they do this to ensure that no one is attacking our Mother India. The soldiers in the borders lead an extremely disciplined life so that they are able to tackle literally any difficult situation in any condition.

If any person wishes to join the army, the person should be strong enough to face all the physical discomforts and all the mental challenges to be ready to face the enemy during real war situations.

The soldiers never fail to be ready every time to face the enemies when they attack our country. A soldier is a true patriot who never hesitates to sacrifice his/her own life for our country.

10 Lines on Soldiers 

  1. A soldier’s duty is to protect their own country in any situation

  2. There are soldiers from different bases, like for the land, there is Army, for the air, there is Air Force and for the water there is Navy.

  3. The soldiers lead a very disciplined and tough life, this is done so that they do not become physically weak during the big battles. 

  4. A soldier is a true patriot who dearly loves his country.

  5. They go through tough training every day in order to be prepared for the difficult days during wartime.

  6. The soldiers live in barracks during their training period.

  7. The soldiers also help people during a disaster.

  8. The soldiers are taught all kinds of survival tactics and strict discipline to maintain their mental firmness.

  9. A soldier is duty-bound to his country and then to his family.

  10. A soldier should be very strong in order to persist in the disturbances on the battlefield. 

Every soldier is a true patriot of the country who lives to maintain a peaceful environment around our country.