Speech on Life in a Big City

Big cities are also called metropolitan cities where life has a commanding social as well as economic influence. A big city is surrounded by many small towns and villages nearby from where people, especially youth go to fulfil their dreams. Many people fulfil their dreams of getting a job, having financial security and leading a stable life. In this article, we will see that the Speech On Life In A Big City can be presented in varying ways. It can be a Long Speech On Life In A Big City or a Small Speech On Life In A Big City.

Long And Short Speech on Life In A Big City

Long Speech on Life In A Big City

This form of Speech On Life in a Big City is helpful for students in grades 8-12 where students can speak in detail to convey the essence of the topic.

Good morning everyone, respected Principal, Teachers, and my dear friends. I am grateful for this opportunity to speak about Life In A Big City. It helped me get a deeper insight into the lives people lead in a big city and I hope you can get to understand too. 

Life in a Big City is a dream of many, and it has been a dream of mine too. A big city has other small towns and villages in their outskirts and often people from this smaller part migrate to the big cities. As people lack opportunities for growth in their field of interest or earn money they often leave their small towns in search of better jobs and to earn a living.

It is true that many dreams are fulfilled in the big city, on the other hand, many dreams are shattered in the big cities too. Life in a big city demands a very different attitude in one person to survive, get through or to make it big.

Everyone in a big city lives a competitive life. Be it students who are competing to score better, submit assignments on time and also excel in extracurricular at the same time. Their parents and adults lead busier lives and work harder to make a decent living and pay a hefty sum for the rents and cover the loans.

Certainly in the big cities, roads are better and the traffic is also more, buildings are better, a child has the choice of many career opportunities and explore their hobbies and other interests, the education system is wholesome and they do not lack job opportunities. 

There are so many companies that provide jobs, and are flourishing in their respective fields and sectors. It has room for every kind of industry to be established and be a success whether it is hospitality, Information technology, sports or fashion. And everyone is trying to enter in one or the other. They enjoy travelling in luxurious cars, and have access to the latest technological developments.

This fast-paced life robs them of the time one wants to spend with their family, friends and loved ones. They also lack to enjoy the pleasure for which they work doubly hard to earn. They do not enjoy the little joys of nature because big cities do not have an abundance of it.

The competitive world and lifestyle, often stresses them mentally and physically. Their life is often draining as they tend to live on schedules and not according to their heart’s desire. Their commitments are the priority, so the big city life is not for everyone. It requires a brave and a strong person to commit to leading such a life to chase dreams, money and fame. To attain success in a big city one has to sacrifice a lot, and sometimes people cannot make that choice so their dreams are unfulfilled and shattered. 

In conclusion, I would Like to add if one intends to lead a big city life they should also be ready to make sacrifices and only keep working towards their dreams and goals without getting bogged down in the journey. 

Thank you.

Short Speech on Life In A Big City

This is a Small Speech On Life In A Big City that will be helpful for students in grades 4-7 as it provides information about the topic in a short form with simple words.

Good morning everyone, respected Principal, teachers and students I Abc (mention your name) today have the opportunity to speak on the topic of life in a big city. Life in a big city is a demanding one, it compels you to be on your toes all the time. One is always seeking opportunities to grow and be more successful. Growth is expected from one individual in every circle of life, professional, economical, social and personal. Balancing all that is draining. 

The Big city though does provide better opportunities right from the start, better roads, transportation, schools, education system, career opportunities, access to luxurious items be it cars or phones. And all sorts of industries flourish in a big city because there is a demand for it all, whether IT, or entertainment. 

The lack is often experienced in other areas of life that small towns and villages get to enjoy. Nature at its best, a stroll around the garden, spending time with family and friends. Enjoying festivals and spending quality time with oneself and loved ones. Big cities fulfil dreams of many people but in the process also robs them of little pleasures and joy. 

To sum it up, if you want to make it big in life and have a thriving dream job and career you have to be mentally strong and competitive enough to ride the ladder to success. It is not an easy journey and takes a lot of time, effort and sacrifices.

Thank you.

10 Line Speech on Life In A Big City

This 10 Line Small Speech On Life In A Big City is helpful for students in grades 1-3 using simpler words and keeping it short.

  1. A big city is considered a metropolitan city with advancements in all aspects of life.

  2. Big city life is competitive, fast-paced, success-driven and materialistic.

  3. They have good roads, buildings, schools, and businesses.

  4. It is over-crowded and yet everyone is lonely.

  5. They don’t have time for one another or for family and friends.

  6. The community is not very close-knit.

  7. They lead individualistic lives.

  8. They are devoid of simple pleasures of life like nature, greenery and leisure time for near and dear ones.

  9. Life in a big city can be mentally, physically and emotionally draining.

  10. One needs to have the right attitude and competitiveness to make it big in a city.