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Speech on My School Life

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Last updated date: 16th Jul 2024
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An Introduction to Speech Writing on My School Life on Vedantu

Speech writing is taught earlier in schools as it is extremely important to have a sense of writing a speech, as a good well-researched speech will build the confidence to perform on the stage in front of an audience.

Physically giving a speech for a particular audience can either be a good or a bad experience, mostly it is extremely nerve-wracking for first-timers. The only way to make sure that you have some sort of confidence when you’re put on the spot is to write a thoroughly researched speech, which is fact-checked and suits the particular audience.

 Writing down your speech beforehand can bolster your confidence. Writing a speech requires careful planning drafting detailing whose end result is to motivate, inform or persuade the particular audience. To get the best results, One should practice and revise the speech as many times as possible so that the tiny mistakes can be picked and deleted and the speech remains precise and up to the mark as any type of audience doesn’t like to listen to any unnecessary information that is not related to the particular topic.

Few Effective Measures for Preparing a Speech

Thorough research - while writing a particular speech students are advised to thoroughly research the topic and fact check the speech that they are preparing. This will give them credibility and will help them make some extremely convincing points. Some scholarly sources like books, newspapers , journals or government websites can help you find information on the topic of your choice.

Making an outline- Elaborating the idea in your head can only be done by first making an outline. Your Main points should include quotes from famous people. It should have examples, anecdotes, statistical analysis; these will help to engage the audience by throwing some numerical data.

Using catchphrases- catchphrases are the most important part of a speech as they immediately grab the attention of the audience. This mainly comes in the opening lines and it is at this point that the audience decides if this feature is going to be great or not.

Audience- it is extremely important to know what kind of audience will be attending your speech and what kind of material they are wanting to listen to, this will help you go in the right direction.

Practice and revision- after formulating the whole speech, One should practice and organize the way they are going to present this speech and eliminate any sort of unnecessary information that is not relevant to the topic.

Following These tips will ensure that your speech turns out exhilaratingly well!

Points to consider while writing a speech on the topic ‘My School Life’

Remember to connect with your audience and share experiences that the audience can relate to while staying unique and true to your story.

Use catchphrases to make the speech more interesting and fun.

Include stories about your teachers, friends, academics, and the experience you had while taking up extra-curricular activities.

FAQs on Speech on My School Life

1. Which is the Best Part of School Life?

The best part of school life is that we don’t have any burden on our shoulders. All we have to do is the study, play, sleep and eat.  Our school teaches us manners, respect, and goodwill and enlist good qualities in us.

2. Can Online Learning Replace the Traditional Education System?

Although Online learning has changed the education systems like never before, Student learning is just one click away, But the School gives an environment where students can grow more not only in terms of academics but also mentally and physically. So online education is a best alternative but It can never replace the school.

3. Is Healthy Competition Good For Students?

A spirit of competition will help children learn about the importance of taking a healthy risk instead of only doing activities in which they are comfortable with. It helps kids to step out of their comfort zone and do unachievable things also.

4. Where can I find tips to write a speech?

To write a good speech one must refer to the tips provided by Vedantu.  These steps will come in handy and will make sure that you don’t miss out on the critical details that are needed to write a good speech. The notes for writing a good speech are easily available on Vedanta’s website. They are available in a PDF format and can be downloaded for free students looking for writing a speech on the topic my school life can get their hands on the best notes that are curated by Vedanta‘s research team who have done thorough research and it is through their years of experience that they have provided best quality material that one can find.

5. What is the format of a speech?

A speech is mainly dissected into three sections called introduction body and conclusion. It is extremely important to write all three sections only after doing thorough research. The first and foremost task is to introduce yourself so that the audience can get acquainted with the speaker, be it, teachers, classmates or any type of audience. The next point is to make the opening lines in such a way that immediately holds the attention of the audience. This can be done by using catchphrases or by starting your speech with an oratorical question.


Surprising facts or an opinion can be inserted so that the audience is hooked on what you are saying. Structuring your speech is extremely important. It definitely should have an introduction and conclusion. Make sure that your vocabulary is up to the mark. The speech should be written in the first person and it should be written in a way that is relatable and you need at the same time. The use of figurative language can help you get a good score if you are writing a speech for academic purposes. Missing figures of speech can help you get a good score.

6. Why is it important to learn about writing a speech?

Learning to write a speech is an extremely important part of English grammar that is taught in schools along with writing a speech students are also taught how to write an essay, letter writing, notice writing, email writing. These different types of writing are extremely important to learn as they will help you make a career. As in any field, it is extremely important to know the basics of writing an email or a speech. Therefore students are advised to learn the format and the key concepts that are used in writing a speech.

7. How is school life affected after covid19?

If anything school life has been affected the most in Covid 19 as the shutting down of schools has completely changed the student’s routine and small children who have never been to the school have started attending classes online since nursery. This kind of learning is dangerous if students are not involved in extracurricular activities and are always at home. As most of these online classes are taken by parents and those children are not able to get the real-life experience of what a school really is. Filling the gap caused by COVID-19 is not possible but students can do extracurricular activities or engage in some critical thinking games that will help them to think out of the box and will enable them to question certain things that may seem unusual. Speeches, in this matter, are a good way to engage for some recreation.