Speech on Life After School

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The anticipation of life after school brings a lot of excitement and fun energy for the students. In their innocence, they view life through the rose-tinted glass. And along the way they later realize life, after all, entails a lot of ups and downs. Life after matric changes in so many ways academically and personally. And in this English Speech about life after matric article, we will delve into ways of presenting this speech. It can be a long speech about life after matric or a short speech on life after school. 

Long And Short English Speech About Life After Matric

Long Speech on Life After School

In this type of 5-minute speech, the students in grades 8-12 will find it very valuable as they can articulate themselves in a detailed manner. 

Good Morning and a very warm welcome to the respected Principal, teachers and my dear friends. Thank you for giving me this golden opportunity to speak about life after school, I do have a lot to share. After our matric or our boards, we will part our ways. From our friends, this school, the teachers, friends and everyone. We will no longer be school children, we will start our higher education and become college-going students.  

I never thought of myself as being a person who rides along with any emotion, but when I think about the time after school it makes me sad and excited at the same time. My friends and I had a lot of memories together, and we did many mischievous things together. We were not good at hiding it so our teachers always caught us. Even in happiness or punishments, we were together guiding each other. Our teachers were always by our side and taught us right from wrong. 

In our independent lives after school, nobody else will be the guiding light, we have to be our own moral ground. We will have to decide for ourselves and make important choices. And also learn to take accountability for our actions and deal with the consequences. 

I have seen my older brother deal with things responsibly. He is the one who shares these learnings from his experiences with me. Yes, life will be different from what it is today and what has been till now. But it will be our choice to decide what to make of it, whether to lead a good life or get swayed by trivialities of youth. 

Not everyone will be helpful, most times we will be on our own which will be the crucial time where we have to apply our learnings in real life. We will no longer be innocent but we will gain wisdom. And that is an important virtue to live by.

The most important thing to remember is to work hard to achieve our dreams and goals because there are no free lunches in the world. Everything requires effort, and we must be willing to put in a lot of it. We will face many tough situations so it is important to cherish what we have now. 

These are truly the best and happiest days of all our lives. We will never be this carefree and stress free ever. With ample time in our hands now to be children, we must enjoy them to the fullest. And work towards a better life, staying true to our core values and learning all that this school and the school life has taught us. Good luck.

Thank you.

Short Speech on Life After School

This format of speech about life after matric will be helpful for students in grades 4-7 to understand and present because it's short and simple.

Good morning everyone, the respected principal, the teachers and my dear friends I Abc (mention your name) am here today to speak about life after school. In a few years when we will give our matriculation exams, our school life will come to an end. But we will always remain a student in life learning every day from our different experiences. 

We have our close friends near us now, after school we will all be on our journey to start another chapter of our lives. It is all a part of growing up to deal with the challenges of life on our own. The friends we make then will be our own chosen family. We will have responsibilities towards ourselves and our families. 

Life is a culmination of many peaks and valleys and everyone we meet in this journey has something to teach us. We will never be this free and relaxed where we only get to study, eat and play without anything to worry about. In our busy lives after school, we will have to create time for such activities as games and other hobbies that we take for granted today. 

So let’s have gratitude and value for this carefree life that we are living now. Now is all we have, and if we work hard today and enjoy the work while doing it, it will only be of value and enrich our lives. Let us make time for everything that matters.

Thank you.

10 Line Speech About Life After School

This is helpful when one needs to give a 2-minute speech using simple words in a short format.

  1. School life is the best life and the golden period of our lives. 

  2. There will not be a time in life where we get to be this free of stress as we are in our school life.

  3. In our school life, we have a lot of room to make mistakes.

  4. And our teachers, elders, parents and friends guide us and enlighten us to take lessons from our mistakes.

  5. After school, our friends are on their own, we too become adults so a lot is expected from us.

  6. We shoulder many responsibilities and duties after school.

  7. There will always be consequences to even a minor mistake.

  8. We must take it in our stride and learn from them without losing our hearts. 

  9. In the real-life after school, there will be competition in every aspect of our lives so we must be well-prepared.

  10. Let’s learn, have fun and value our life and the people in it.