City life vs Village Life Essay

Essay on City life vs Village Life

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The mentality of humans cleared the picture of two different sides in their minds, but in actual the situation is partially contradictory. The coin has two sides, so it's unpredictable to say which one is right. The count of things related to each other in city life and village life is beyond one’s reach. If they accelerate each other, combining together, it will not take long for the country to prosper. 

The villages feed and clothe the people while the city provides learning and culture. In rural areas, however, most of the people depend on agriculture for their livelihood. Poultry farming proves to be a lucrative business for them. In the past, villagers used to meet their daily needs by exchanging gold grown crops with their villagers. But as urbanization increased, these same people started selling the goods in the towns. 

India is blessed with a great tradition. In terms of tradition and culture, villagers seem to have retained the old tradition, Dussehra, Diwali, Holi and rest 29 festivals in a year are celebrated here with enthusiasm and spontaneity. The urban people who are undergoing modernization seem to lack it. However, the city dwellers, who are engaged all day long, lack the time and desire for such things. They almost forgot our traditions in addition to the money. Highly demanded cities result in congestion, even, population leads to pollution. Increase in cost and expenditure is a serious issue for city dwellers. Villages are the best place to live comparatively, as hygiene food and calm environment with peace. The village is in dire need of education. Primary education can be easily acquired in villages too. However, for secondary education, one has to move towards cities. Variety of facilities available in the cities, which reduces the scarcity of educational stuff. People used to migrate towards cities or smart cities, to get benefited with lots of job opportunities, stable income and better life stability.

The picture in the city is completely different; here agriculture is basically a side business of the citizens. Where precious diamonds in the form of cultivation are grown in the village, the skyscrapers stand on the same farm in the city.  Cities have well-structured transport systems, which connect all the remote areas in urban centres. The leading role of transport played by rail, road and the air. The city livers possess various alternative options when it comes to transportation. Even having more than enough, in emergencies, plenty of taxis and cabs are ready to get hired from you. Thousands of families of taxi drivers survived on this. 

It is clear to all citizens that the availability of the medical facilities in the cities is speedy compared to that of villages. Often, patients from the villages have to move to cities even for a minor ailment. Moreover, Better communication if observed in big towns, smart business tycoons eager to invest in large cities as they said, we do not feel inferior here. A math worm and economic predictor can start making a lot of money by making a smartly utilizing their cerebrum in the stock market. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What makes village life appealing compared to city life?

The availability of good and healthy food, clean air along with abundant space makes village life more appealing. Most of the land in villages is used for agriculture. This makes the village a very clean and peaceful environment. There is no air, water or noise pollution in villages making it all the more appealing to live. 

2. Why do people from villages migrate to cities?

A city or a smart city unlike villages have a lot to offer in the form of comfort and personal growth. A city offers strong communication facilities, transport facilities, medical facilities, job and business opportunities along with education facilities. All these make the villagers want to leave their home and migrate to cities for better living conditions.

3. How can village life be improved to prevent people from migrating to cities?

People living in villages are very simple with the need for basic requirements. Providing secondary education, electricity, toilets and medical facilities will improve their lives encouraging them to stay back in their villages and continue farming. 

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