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Speech on Adult Education and Ways to Implement it 

Last updated date: 17th Jul 2024
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Introduction: The good functioning of democratic government and other institutions suffers in large part from the backwardness of education in India.   

Most people are not aware of their rights and duties because of lack of education and awareness. It is only with educated and enlightened people that the country can progress in all directions. In our country, adult illiteracy is a serious problem and, therefore, the need for adult education.   

Adult education refers to the systematic approach to education of the adult population and allows them to read, write and learn new skills.

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The problem of adult illiteracy : Adults are illiterate because they did not receive any education during their childhood. Thus, the root of the current problem of adult illiteracy lies in the past. Since then, the Indian economy has depended mainly on agriculture. The working class is a big part of it. Many parents in this class are not in favour of sending their children to school. Even when they come to school, they become run-down and help their parents tend livestock and do a lot of other work to increase family income.  


Sometimes illiterates and unemployed go to the cities to work as workers in industries and factories. They do not like going back to the villages to gain skills in various trades and ancestral professions and to work for a living.     


The need for adult education or literacy: This is due to lack of education, learning and awareness. When educated, they can actively participate in the development of their campaign in various fields and ensure the progress of the country.     

There is a need for adult education, both formal and informal. In India, many adults are illiterate. They can not read or write. They are not able to develop their sense of awareness of many things that would help them in life. In order to mark these people, emphasis has been placed on adult education by following official channels. Night schools are organized in the slums of cities and undeveloped rural areas. Strong campaigns are being launched for illiterate adults to achieve their goal in life.    


In addition, adult education should also aim at improving the skills of the unskilled adult population in various sectors such as agriculture, industrial processes, etc. Special attention may be given to the establishment of vocational training institutes.

In addition, moral and spiritual values Up- liftment can be done through informal education.     

Conclusion: Adult education is a tool that will make citizens more accountable in a democratic configuration. They will be entitled to perform their duties properly.   

It's not enough to allow them to read and write , they must know what they are supposed to do as citizens of this great country. Learning is a continuous process and can be done at any age of life. Being in touch with lifelong learning and knowledge is very important for everyone to keep pace with a competitive and ever-changing environment. Adult education can take many forms and cover many different topics, as well as literacy and numeracy, and many mature students study languages, science and a range of other important subjects.