Speech About Nature is a reference to the nature on Earth or the nature that we are living and breathing in every day. It is an integral part of every living being and nature is also an amalgamation of everything we are surrounded by, be it whether living or nonliving. In this article, we will take a look at how one can express themselves on the broadest possible topic in two different formats i.e. Long Speech About nature and Short Speech About Nature. 

Long And Short Speech About Nature In English

Long Speech About Nature

Good Morning everyone, I ABC (mention your name) want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak and share my views on nature.

Nature which can also be referred to as the natural environment is the ultimate source of life. It was present long before we even existed and it will continue to give even after we are gone. There are four main elements that comprise this natural environment. Earth, which serves as a home to every living being on this planet whether it is a single-celled microorganism, plants, animals, or humans. It is home to everybody. 

The second element is fire, which provides warmth, and a source to cook our food. The third element is the air that we breathe which is essential for every being to live on this planet. The fourth element is water that is abundant in the form of water bodies, and its flow maintains the balance of the temperature of our planet. 

All this forms the natural environment which is essential to our survival and yet we abusively exploit it by polluting and wasting it. The main causes of this exploitation are due to the pollution created by man-made nature. Man’s trial to be triumphant in civilization by creating more buildings and cars have only caused damage to nature. That is because they are not doing it in a sustainable form that will be beneficial in the long run, rather the man-made nature is based on quick results and the failed or unuseful matter is dumped and loaded into nature, be it the waste from industries polluting water, the harmful toxic gases from factories and cars polluting the air and the plastic polluting the soil or earth.

While striving for a better life in this modern world we should also take responsibility for our natural surroundings. And contribute our bit by planting more trees, and not dumping waste irresponsibly, and use natural products rather than harmful chemicals for the soil and plants.

We should recognize that if we go by this rate there will be no nature to pass on to the next generation. Man is striving to create more conducive and a better livelihood for themselves at the cost of nature. In its way of industrialization and modernization, man is trying to outlive nature, which can prove to be extremely dangerous, and we will have to pay an unfortunate price. 

It gives us so much, whenever we are let down from this materialistic world even a simple walk in nature can do us so much good by just lifting our moods. Nature is from where we are born, let’s pledge to do our bit for the environment from which we take so much, and be accountable and start living sustainably. 

Thank you!

Short Speech On Nature

Good morning everyone! I ABC (mention your name) am here to share my thoughts on the given topic of nature. Nature is everything we are surrounded by, it is the world around us. It is the ultimate life source for every living being, be it animals or humans. 

Nature is the most essential source of life, it gives air to breathe, food to eat, clean drinking water, and a place to live. It is humans that are the most dependent on nature and we are only the ones who harm the natural environment significantly. All other living beings maintain the balance of the ecosystem whereas humans create man-made inventions that disrupt this balance by pollution and hence all other living beings also suffer from the problems that we create for our convenience. 

We claim to be nature lovers and yet not act by it and strive to potent our nature. The best way to give back to this source of life is by not harming it and forming daily habits to prevent it from causing more damage to it. We can do that by keeping our surroundings clean, not littering in streets, separating our waste before dumping it into nature, and most importantly recycling the waste that can be reused. We can take small steps, spread this message, and contribute that will have a large impact. We still have a long way to go and we can start today by trying to live sustainably for nature and to leave behind a planet in its best for the next generation.

Thank you!

10 Line Speech On Nature

This 10 line speech on Nature is a simple speech about Nature. This is extremely helpful for students in grades 1-3 as they gain a certain perspective on the topic in a simple and easy form.

  1. Nature is what provides life to each and every living being.

  2. Air, water, soil, etc constitute nature.

  3. Trees and plants aid the action of air and give us oxygen to breathe; they are also considered as nature or natural environment.

  4. The natural environment is so giving and nourishing to every being of the ecosystem and all of nature and maintains equilibrium.

  5. The equilibrium is often disturbed by the man-made environment.

  6. The man-made environment is so power-driven that they go to any extent to create convenient lives for themselves and cause harm to the natural environment.

  7. The harm can be due to littering of waste, plastic dumping, and harmful chemicals from industries that are regularly disposed of in the water bodies. 

  8. This process of dumping creates harm to the water animals as well as threatening their lives with such toxic chemicals.

  9. It is our responsibility to take care of our natural resources and protect the environment because we need nature to exist.

  10. We have to start living responsibly and take a step towards protecting nature by adapting to a sustainable lifestyle.