Road Accident Essay

Essay on Road Accident

Road accidents are an unfortunate reality of our lives. The daily news reports generally contain at least one incident of a road accident. Depending on the severity of the accident, the number of casualties and the damage done can really be concerning. Road accidents cost a lot of lives and property damage. In order to avoid accidents, everyone should be more careful and vigilant on the streets. As a driver, one must be extra cautious because one mistake from the driver can cost the lives of the innocent others. 

The Road Accident That I Experienced

I remember the first road accident I witnessed. It had changed my perspective on life. I still remember the date and the day very intricately. It was the 20th of September 2016. I was returning home from tuition. My mother had come to pick me up. It was around 6 o clock in the evening. When we reached the bus stand, we saw a huge crowd of people at a few feet distance from the bus stop. There were men in the crowd who were screaming in the regional language.

At first, we couldn't understand what was going on. After a while of careful overhearing of the conversation of everyone near is, we could understand that there was an accident. So to get to the bottom of it we asked a shopkeeper what had actually happened. He told us that indeed an accident took place a while ago. He then went on giving us a detailed event of what happened. According to him, a pedestrian was crossing the road. A passenger's bus had hit him. The man was left bleeding on the street. The people in the area then cornered the bus and assaulted the bus driver. The police were called to scene. As for the pedestrian when the police came over, they declared the man to be dead. However, as a formality, they sent him to the hospital but according to the shopkeeper, there is not much hope for a miracle.

This incident made me realise how fragile life is. It could very well have been me or my loved one instead of that man.  The man had no fault as he was following the rules, but because of the ignorance of another careless man, he had to lose his life. This incident has left a scar on my mind which still bothers me at times.

Road accidents are a fairly tragic event that has dangerously increased in numbers nowadays. Today, there are more automobiles on the streets than ever. Some say that this increase in the number of automobiles is the reason the number of road accidents is increasing too. Some others say that people nowadays have become more careless, this leads to a higher number of accidents due to carelessness. Another problem that is very prevalent in India is the lack of civic sense in people. People in the cities of India do not strictly adhere to the traffic rules; some people also lack the basic road sense. On top of that, certain parts of the city have narrow roads. All these add up to result in an increase in road accidents.