Road Safety Speech

Speech on Traffic Rules in English

Road safety is of prime importance for each of us. Whenever we are walking or travelling by any vehicle on road, our safety is in our hands. We have to be very careful of the other vehicles on the road. Our safety on road can only be ensured when we will abide by the traffic rules. We at Vedantu have prepared a long road safety speech enumerating the major traffic rules for the perusal of students.

Also, we have provided a short speech on road safety for the reference of students of Classes 4 to 10, and a 10-line speech on use of traffic rules for the students of Classes 1 to 3. Students can follow the points mentioned in the speeches given below to prepare a road safety speech essay in their own words.

Long Speech on Traffic Rules and Road Safety

My greetings to everyone present over here. Today I am here to deliver a traffic awareness speech discussing how to be careful on road. While travelling on road, you must have seen traffic police staff making gestures and whistling to direct the vehicles and pedestrians. Well, they risk their lives just to ensure that the rest of us can travel or walk safely on road.

One of the basic traffic rules for pedestrians is to cross the roads only through zebra crossing when the traffic signal is red. However, you may often notice that people do not follow the traffic rules, and cross the roads wherever they find no vehicles approaching nearby. At times, pedestrians even slide through between the vehicles stuck in traffic signals for crossing the roads. This is one of the most common scenarios at places where there is no traffic police staff posted and during rush hours.

Also, nowadays there is another very common mistake that people make while walking on or crossing the roads, that is, they remain engrossed in their mobile phones. Even when they are not talking to someone over the phone, they are engaged in various apps or entertainment content on their smartphones. This makes them more prone to road accidents. Moreover, this is not only the case with the pedestrians, but the drivers also often happen to be busy on their phones while driving. While crossing a road, it is very important to look on your left-hand side and right-hand side, to check if any vehicle is approaching nearby.

Road safety does not only imply crossing the road through zebra crossing, but it also addresses the safety of those driving through the narrow roads of hilly areas and of those driving late nights on the highways. Some ill practices like drink and drive have led to numerous road accidents in these areas. There are certain speed limits specified for particular areas, to reduce the chance of accidents. It is of utmost importance to abide by the speed limits of a particular area as per the traffic rules. Sometimes, fatal accidents occur in the hilly areas due to fog, whereas sometimes, it is the carelessness of the drivers that lead to road accidents. People barely maintain the speed limits on the road when they are in a hurry. At times, those who drive trucks or lorries carrying commodities in bulk, overnight meet with accidents. Due to sleepiness, they may miss important road signs. Also, there are several cases of road accidents that are caused due to the poor condition of roads.

Road safety can be ensured when you follow the traffic rules strictly and discard the ill practices like using phones while walking or driving on road, driving when drunk, following the specified speed limits, etc. I hope that I have covered all the important features of safety on road in my Sadak Suraksha speech. So let us pledge to drive safely and ensure road safety for all and save our precious lives.

Short Speech on Road Safety

Good morning everyone present over here. I, <name>, welcome you all to the annual day celebrations of our school. Today I am going to deliver a speech on road safety rules to reiterate how careful one should be when travelling on road. Even if you are walking to a nearby place the points discussed in this importance of road safety speech, will be of great help.

The most important tip for anyone walking down a road or driving on a two-wheeler or four-wheeler vehicle is to be alert. It is a very common scenario when we can spot almost every other person on the road busy with his or her smartphone. This is not only the case with the pedestrians, but we can very often spot people driving cars, or riding motorbikes, busy on their phones, also. When all their attention is on their smartphones, they become less aware of their surroundings. This is highly risky and may lead to fatal accidents. Hence, whenever we are walking or driving on the road, we must not be engrossed in our smartphones.

Most people have a notion that the tips and suggestions shared in a traffic awareness program speech are applicable only when they are on the main road where there are crossroads and traffic signals. However, the traffic rules are to be followed even in the lanes, as there are more pedestrians and street-side vendors in the lanes. Be it a crossroad or a lane, it is important to blow the horn and keep an eye on the rear-view mirror of your vehicle every time you drive in the reverse direction. In fact, taking a turn in the lanes requires a lot more attention since lanes are more crowded than the main roads. Large convex mirrors should be installed at the turning points in lanes, by-lanes, and in the roads hustling with traffic.

We must be as careful when driving down a lane as we are when driving on the main roads. Also, when we are walking down a lane we should not be lost in our smartphones and should check both sides of the lane before crossing it. Well, I hope to have covered the very basics of ensuring safety for all the common people who travel by the road in my speech on the importance of traffic rules and that it provides a useful insight into road safety for all of you present here. So follow the traffic rules and be safe as your life is more precious to your family and friends than the rush hours.

10 Lines Speech on Traffic Rules

Here’s a short speech on traffic rules for the young students of Classes 1 to 3.

  1. Traffic rules must be followed to ensure safety on road.

  2. We must stop our cars and other vehicles when the traffic signal goes red.

  3. We can get ready to start up our cars when the traffic signal goes yellow, and start driving when it goes green.

  4. We must cross the road through the zebra crossing lines. 

  5. We must check if there are any vehicles coming from the left-hand side and the right-hand side on the road, before we cross the road.

  6. We must not be busy with our smartphones when we are crossing or walking on a road.

  7. We must follow the directions given by the traffic police staff for road safety.

  8. Also, we must not cross the road when the traffic signal is green.

  9. We should always hold the hands of our elders when we walk on the road and should not run on the road.

  10. We should follow the traffic rules and save all our lives.