Consequences of Global-Warming Essay

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Essay on Consequences of Global-Warming

Global warming is not a myth. Many discard the fact that our planet is dying because of our insolent behavior and misuse of natural resources. Over the years, scientists from all over the world have recorded the changes in wind patterns, atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity, and other meteorological factors and concluded that global warming is real and quite scary. It has been estimated that we have only a decade left to make drastic changes and save the planet or the effects of global warming will become irreversible.

Global warming is a manmade phenomenon that occurs due to the accumulation of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. These gases originate from artificial processes in different industries and the vigorous use of fossil fuels. These gases make a blanket covering the entire world that does not let the surface heat to pass. This entrapment of heat causes an abrupt increase in temperature harming the ecosystem of the entire planet.

If you think that the slightest increase in temperature will do nothing then you need to think again. Even if there is a slight increase in the average temperature, the ice caps melt faster, the glaciers are receding, the water level is increasing and slowly engulfing the islands. It has been recorded that the highest temperature has gone to 54°C. The fact that a degree rise of temperature is the result of the accumulation of so much heat is not easily realized.

It is because of our abrupt use of natural resources and deforestation that have resulted in such a crisis. We have witnessed severe floods, droughts, tsunamis, hurricanes, and other natural disasters with an elevated frequency. In fact, we have also seen an abrupt change in the seasonal configuration over a few decades. Even though these changes have taken place over a few decades, it is quite abrupt and unprecedented for the other animals and plants. These changes are extremely harming the wellbeing of the plants and animals in all ecosystems. Whether it is melting polar ice caps or the mountain glaciers, everywhere we can find the bad effects of global warming.

One of the biggest blows we received in recent years is the heavy forest fire that took down a major part of the Amazon rainforest. The Amazon and the African forests are considered to be the two lungs of the entire world. The cumulating smoke from vehicles, factories, and forest fires is resulting in a severe drop in the air quality we breathe. Humans and all other land animals are breathing toxic air.

The increase in temperature is melting the ice caps. In fact, the marine water source is also rising in volume due to the temperature rise. This is affecting the coral reefs and other ecosystems in the marine world. The islands are gradually going under the sea along with the coastal cities. The coastal forests are unable to handle the severity of the storms and oceanic waves. The emission of toxic chemicals and gases in the atmosphere has also increased the acidic level of rainwater resulting in the hampered lifespan of aquatic animals. We have contributed to this grave problem by deforesting lands to build concrete jungles leaving our planet suffocate. The rise in deforestation has also lead to more damages that we cannot imagine. It is time to act quickly and cautiously to save the only planet we have. It is our responsibility to save this habitat and let other animals live peacefully. We need to stop acting selfish and think of the harmony of all ecosystems we are a part of. It is time to take action to eradicate global warming and restore the balance we have lost within a few centuries.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are the Greenhouses Gases?

Greenhouses gases are the toxic byproducts of various industrial processes and fossil fuel combustion that accumulate in our atmosphere. They are lighter than the air we breathe. These gases accumulate and form a blanket over the earth’s surface. The prime property of these gases is that they pass the heat waves coming from the sun but block the ones that are emitted by the earth’s surface. Hence, the heat is trapped in between the earth’s surface and the blanket of greenhouses gases causing a rapid rise in the temperature.

2. What is Causing More Harm while Controlling Global Warming?

The uncontrolled cutting of trees in the forests and forest fires are causing more harm and hampering global warming prevention measures. People are becoming more cautious and concerned regarding global warming and taking necessary measures from their end. The use of fossil fuels without any control is also contributing to this grave problem. We need to stop the unnecessary use of fossil fuels by switching to greener energy sources. Factories should emit treated gases from their chimneys. Almost everything contributes to global warming. We need to educate ourselves and act accordingly.

3.  How can We Make a Difference?

As mentioned earlier, almost everything we use and need in the contemporary world, we find the use of fossil fuels and malpractices done by the factories that harm the environment by contributing to global warming issues. We need to make choices that are healthier for Mother Nature. We should use greener and alternative energy sources. Our needs and wants should be minimized. Planting trees will slow down global warming but we should act actively in different verticals to stop global warming.