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Essay on Punctuality

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Great people always admired the value of time discipline. While defining success, William Shakespeare quotes, “It’s better to be three hours too soon, than a minute too late.” This simply means punctuality doesn’t mean on time, it means before time.  Punctuality is directly proportional to time management. Time management skills will help you become punctual. Time management is a technique of making excellent usage of time to gain maximum output. Many companies’ top executives are role models because of their time management skill.

Good habits lead to becoming a healthy and professional person. If not today, the same work would need to be completed tomorrow by us only. So why not today? We all would relate to this example. Japanese cities like Hiroshima and Nagasaki were once destroyed completely by the US. The effects are still seen today. However, Japan rose from the tragedy and became one of the most developed countries in the world by will-power, hard work and punctuality.

Soldiers of our country are known for their discipline and punctuality. They are always ready for any unfavourable circumstances including war. They are habitual to getting up early in the morning and immediately getting ready for hardcore military training. Punctuality is necessary to achieve success in life. One can become academic scholars by learning the importance of punctuality. If we delay our tasks, we wouldn't be able to handle the workload at the 12th hour. If everything will be done on time, then we will be better prepared and will earn great rewards.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Why is it Important to be Punctual?

Ans: Punctuality helps us realize the importance of time. It is an etiquette which encourages us to complete our work in a timely fashion. A punctual person respects their and others time as well. Punctuality leads to fame and excellence. We should do the right things at the right time and be punctual in life.

Q2. Which Site Provides a Free Essay on the Topic ‘Punctuality’?

Ans: Online learning websites like Vedantu provides a free essay on the topic ‘Punctuality’. It offers a wide range of learning materials from which students can benefit. These materials include essays on various topics written by experts. Students can work on their essay writing skills with the help of Vedantu’s essays. 

Q3. How Effective Time Management Leads to Success?

Ans: Punctuality and time management allow us to complete more work in less amount of time which gives us more free time. We can invest this free time to learn new things. It also lowers stress and helps us focus which leads to a more successful life.

Q4. Why are Students Asked to Write an Essay on Punctuality?

Ans: Punctuality helps us cultivate the habit of completing our tasks in due time. It makes us disciplined and adds a sense of responsibility in an individual. Students are asked to write essays on punctuality so that they can realize its importance and start to imbibe it in their life. This will make them great scholars or help them to achieve their dreams and goals.