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10 Plus Topics to Teach in English for Kids

Last updated date: 14th Apr 2024
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Why is it Important to Teach Language to Kids?

Learning a new language can be challenging for both adults and kids, but developing the linguistic skills can be achieved efficiently with strategic planning and focusing on the basic topics. Although learning a new language is fun and exciting, teaching a new language to kids can be a little challenging for teachers as well as parents.

This problem can be overcomed if we focus on the topics that can be practised easily and can be used in our day to day conversation. An important thing to note is that whether English or any language, the sooner one practices the language the better they are at overall proficiency. Hence it is advised to teach a second language at an early age.

English is one of the most popular languages in the world, in India it is among the most spoken second languages. The article is focused on helping teachers and guardians to teach kids English. The article provides five-plus topics to teach in English to kids that can help in developing their vocabulary and communication skills. It can ultimately lead to developing proficiency in the language. 

Some Topics to Teach in English 

One of the most efficient ways to teach a second language to kids is through maintaining a daily conversation in the language. Teaching young kids English can be achieved by this method. Teachers can use various techniques and games to teach the language, organising a fun game based on the task is always a great method to get kids thoroughly involved in the task.

It is important that the language learning process occurs as naturally as possible without straining the kids. The natural growth in proficiency level ensures that kids can learn and widen their vocabulary while using it in everyday conversation in an appropriate context. Mentioned below are five-plus topics to teach in English that can help kids to better learn the language.

Image illustrating some of the topics of conversation

Image illustrating some of the topics of conversation

1. Family 

Family is one of the most important conversation topics. You can start by asking questions like how many members are there in one's family? Where did the family live? How many siblings does one have? These are some of the common questions that can help kids start a conversation. 

2. Weather

How is the weather? What is your favourite weather? Questions like these are also great conversational topics.

3. Friends

One can always ask about friends. Questions like who are your best friends? How many friends do you have? What is a fun activity that you do with your friends? These are simple questions that can be asked.

4. Games 

Every kid loves playing games; one of the easy and efficient ways to help practise kids' English is talking about games. Questions like - What are your favourite games to play at home? Do you prefer video games or board games? Can help kids to practise having conversations in English.

5. School

If the kid is a student they will be very interested in talking about their school. Where do you go to school? Who is your favourite teacher? Which subject is do you kike the most? These are examples of some of the topics to teach English to kids.

6. Holidays 

Where do you go to spend a holiday? What are your favourite activities for the holidays? What is your dream destination?, are some of the common questions upon which the conversation can be based by a kid. 

7. Hobbies

One of the most interesting topics that can be taught to teach a language is talking to kids about their hobbies. Talking about hobbies not only provides an opportunity to practise the language, it also helps kids to identify their interests and skills. Questions like ‘What is your hobby? Why do you like doing that?’ can help kids to practise English.

8. Planet Names

Kids are generally very curious about every new thing, teaching about planets and stars in English can help them in practising the language while also helping them create a better understanding of nature. 

9. Birthdays

Everyone loves birthdays, especially kids' conversations based around birthdays are interesting and have a natural flow towards them. These topics can help kids to better interact with others in English. 

10. Books

Teaching and discussing books is an interesting topic to teach in English for kids. Discussing new books can help kids widen their vocabulary and understanding of literature. Reading books can also train kids to become avid readers in future. 

These are some of the topics that can be taught to a kid who is learning English.

Tips for Parents and Teachers

Here are some tips to parents who are teaching English to their kids. Teaching and having conversations based on the above-mentioned topics are helpful to teach English. One of the keys to learning a language is repetition. Also, one can always increase the level of complexity of the questions and topic based on the skill level of the student.

FAQs on 10 Plus Topics to Teach in English for Kids

1. What are some of the games that can be used to teach English to kids?

Games like word association, flashcards with images are some of the games that can be played to teach English. Images on flashcards help kids to correlate words with the objects they represent in a more visual way by reading the object's name and then looking at how it's depicted. Reciting poems and reading books with drawings can help kids create curiosity and learn the language. 

2. What are some grammar topics that can be taught to kids?

Tense, prepositions,  conjunctions and formation of simple sentences are some of the topics that can be taught to a kid. The use of verbs can also be taught to kids. The differentiation between genders, names of colour, shapes is some other topics that can create curiosity in kids.