Conservation of Nature Essay

Essay on Conservation of Nature

Conservation of Nature is one of the most important essay writing topics for students of all classes. The need for conservation of nature and various measures for conservation of natural resources are included in the academic syllabus for almost all classes. Our subject matter experts at Vedantu have prepared an informative essay on the topic of Conservation of Nature, which will act as a guideline for the practice purpose of kids and students. The essay is written in an easy to understand manner, so as to help the kids to learn and remember the important points for writing this essay.

Conservation of Nature

‘In every walk in nature, one receives far more than he seeks.’ Nature is the best surprise gift received from God. Nature has blessed us with a variety of things like water, food, shelter, rain, sunlight, oxygen, and countless other things. These things assist humans for betterment in their lives. Life is unpredictable and it's very difficult to tackle adverse situations, in such times nature is the solution to all the problems. Conservation is having a straightforward meaning of preservation and protection. 

Conserving nature is just similar to adding or keeping cash in the pocket. Nature is the best friend of a human. Have you ever heard of naturotherapy techniques to cure the patient? Patients are advised to take or spend some time in the native place of animals. There they can keep themselves calm and comfortable so that they feel relaxed at the time of surgeries. Many of the medicines have their ingredients collected directly from the forest. 

Have you ever thought about the amount of water we waste in a day? A great amount of water is wasted in our daily chores which could be helpful at the time of droughts. Also, keeping the water clean by not throwing any garbage in it, is the best way to conserve nature. Things made up of plastic should not be thrown off into water bodies as it never decomposes. 

The natural resources can be classified into two categories which are renewable and nonrenewable. Renewable natural resources are those which can be replenished, like solar, wind, geothermal while on the other hand non-renewable are those which cannot be replenished easily over a short span of time. The non-renewable resources like fuels, petrol, and carbon are available in significant quantities. Renewable natural resources are available in good and significant quantities but its proper and effective use can vanish the utilization of non-renewable natural resources. Such as, electricity can be generated with the help of wind or water. The solar cars can reduce the use of petrol cars. This helps in keeping our earth an evergreen place to live. The conversion of one energy form into another is the best possible way to stop the consumption of non-renewable resources and to start making the best use of renewable energy. 

Urbanization increases the rate of the population on concrete homes and decreases the reserves of natural utilities. 

Nature has a lot to give, but there must be a proper way to store and reuse it. 3R technique (Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse) proves the best method for conservation purposes. It states first try to reduce the use, or recycle the material or reuse it for other purposes. Many NGOs are spreading awareness among the people regarding this, but in the end, it's up to the self to take an initiative to make a change. As far as possible avoiding the use of non-renewable resources is the best possible way to maintain the reserves. Even keeping the water potable is a way of conservation. We have to start it someday, so why is that someday not today? Taking a step towards conserving nature is just like taking the step to success.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are the main points to be written in an essay on Conservation of Nature?

An essay on Conservation of Nature has to be informative and the points in it have to be relevant to most of the readers. The below-given questions will help you frame your essay on Conservation of Nature.

  1. What are the gifts of nature to living beings?

  2. How does nature help us in rejuvenation?

  3. What are the benefits drawn from natural resources, in our daily lives?

  4. Is there any medicinal benefit that can be derived from nature?

  5. How many types of natural resources are there? What are they?

  6. How can we conserve renewable natural resources?

  7. How can we save our nature from pollution?

  8. What is the 3R technique?

2. How to write an essay on Conservation of Nature?

In your essay on Conservation of Nature you should emphasize the need to conserve natural resources and the measures that can be taken for conservation. In the introduction paragraph, you may write about the gifts of nature and how nature actively supports the survival of living beings. For the body of your essay, you may write one or two paragraphs, stating the types of natural resources and how they are beneficial to humans. Also, write about the overuse of natural resources, leading to a faster rate of depletion than they can be replenished. In the concluding paragraph, write about the measures that can be taken to conserve natural resources. You can refer to the essay on this topic available on Vedantu to get a better idea.

3. What is the 3R principle?

The 3R’s stand for ‘reduce’, ‘reuse’, and ‘recycle’, it is more often referred to as the three R’s of sustainability. The objective of these three R’s is conserving natural resources by cutting down their waste. Recycling and reusing manufacturing wastes and raw materials are meant to reduce the wastage of resources and the energy derived from these resources.

4. Is it important to write about the 3R principle in the essay on Conservation of Nature?

Yes, it is important to write about the 3R principle in your essay on Conservation of Nature. It is one of the most effective measures to conserve natural resources and is being practiced all over the world. This will make your essay even more informative from the readers’ perspective.