The Snake and the Mirror Summary

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Summary of The Snake and the Mirror

The Snake and The Mirror summary is the story within a story. The writer tells us a story that he heard from a homoeopathic doctor. And similarly, the story rotates around the two factors of the Snake and The Mirror.

Moreover, in this story, a doctor reflects on a day in his youth, when he was unmarried. The doctor reaches his compartment on a hot summer night and then he persuades in deep thinking. In the centre of it, the doctor had a sudden clash with a snake as it drops on the doctor. The doctor drove into shock, but soon the snake saw its contemplation on a mirror and made a move towards it. It appears that the snake was also more eager in his reflection than the doctor Accordingly, the doctor’s life was saved.

The Snake and The Mirror Summary Class 9 in English

This is a story about a homoeopathic doctor during his earlier job days. The narrator of this storytelling is the doctor himself, where he describes this story to some people. In this story, the doctor explains to us that he lived in a small and shady rented room during that period.

Also, the tiles of the compartment were benefited by gables which in turn were supported by the glare. Further, rats were gliding all over the room and there was no electricity supply. Therefore, the room was in a horrible state.

In the doctors’ story, it was a hot summer season's night. The doctor reached back in his compartment after completing his dinner at a cafeteria. The room was dark as there was no electricity. The doctor made use of a kerosene lantern to lighten up his room. The doctor also took off his suit and shirt.

There existed two windows in the room that were unlocked by him. After relaxing on a chair, the doctor took a medical book to glance at. On the table, there was a huge mirror and a lantern.

Proper to the immense summer warmth, it was too heated for the doctor to take nap. So, he began to stare in the mirror and became forfeited in appreciating himself. While adoring himself, a fondness appeared in him to look more presentable. Deliberately, there was a movement of his thoughts from self-admiration to forthcoming marriage. The doctor was thinking of marrying a rich and beautiful doctor.

The doctor didn’t spend great scrutiny on the immediate silence and the scampering from the rats appeared to break. Then, there was a sound of something plunging but the doctor was slow to respond.

By the moment, he had a peek, there was a snake wiggling on the back of the chair. Quickly, the snake twined on the left arm of the doctor. The snake existed barely inches away from his face. By witnessing that incident, he went into shock and became like a statue. At this time, the doctor felt the existence of God. It looks like that this snake stood like retribution from God to the doctor due to his being too aggressive. Immediately, he understood that he should not be so arrogant and mean.

Snake and The Mirror summary is the real story of the doctor and the realization of his true worth. After that, the snake left the doctor and further moved towards the mirror. The doctor silently ran from there and saved his life. After this everyone just loved the Snake and The Mirror story summary. And further the short summary of the Snake and The Mirror, he lastly concluded that his narrative and many people were interested to ask him more questions related to the incident.


Summary of the chapter the Snake and The Mirror fully highlight the fact that someone should not be so much proud of oneself because of whatever God has gifted to them. Without any support you are nothing. The time he realized that God has recalled the snake who just left without hurting or biting him.

The summary of the Snake and Mirror Class 9 teaches how to not be so much overconfident about something because everything we have is by his grace so every time you don't need to show of it. You must know that overconfidence and proudness sometimes lead to the deformation of success.

The same thing happens in this story. The doctor was very overproud of his achievements that he became arrogant and overconfident which leads to the bad thing. After the snake incident happens to him, he realized the true importance of his life and also realize how badly he was behaving because he was having everything. Just when he realizes everything, he decides not to be ignorant at all and will just live life with happiness without being overproud.

Sometimes in life, after getting success some people just forget about everything and want to enjoy success only. They sometimes behave arrogantly and aggressive in success. But they must understand the real meaning of success is not behaving arrogantly but sharing your happiness and success with everyone.

Snake and The Mirror summary is the prime example of how not to be overconfident whenever you have everything. Just try to be good and make happy others with your best, is what we have learned from this the Snake and The Mirror story summary.