Dowry System Essay for Students in English

Essay on Dowry System

Dowry system in India is running for a long time, it is like money which we give during marriage to the boy or their family, even property also can be included under dowry. The system of dowry started from ancient times like during marriage the money will be given to the groom so that he can take proper care of his bride, it was used to honoured from both side of the family. As the time changes dowry still remain but the people making other meanings. 

Nowadays dowry system is becoming like business for some caste. Dowry system is becoming a burden for the bride’s family many times if demand is not fulfilled from boys side than they returned back without marriage. If we see in our Asian country than dowry is becoming more important for the groom side mainly like country where we leave in India. To protect from this our government has made law but it is never followed under the Act of 1961. Whatever money or property given by the bride side they should accept but it never followed. Many places we come to know that because of not doing demand on the groom's side the girls are harmed in such a way that sometimes even it leads to death. Some people even think dowry is like crime, it's illegal and they never ask anything from the bride family. In India, everyone speaks and progresses for making women rights and says Beti Bachao Beti padha ho but girl after achieving everything in her life when she starts taking care of their family but still she has to give dowry for marriage. Some time because of dowry which is followed strictly by the below poverty people they kill their daughters after birth or before birth, they know after growing and giving good education they still need to give dowry for marriage.

What People Think of Dowry System 

Dowry is like suicidal bag for many people who are not very strong financially. It should be completely stopped from all the country wherever it is followed strongly, the government needs to take action in this so that no more crime takes place. In the modern era of India where people are reaching everywhere and achieving many things but still in many populations our thinking against dowry is the same. 

Dowry system varies from state to state and also on the job profile of the groom. If we see in the north part of the country the groom having government job, doctor or engineer than dowry is huge in terms of money, and like the south part of the country, the bride is forced to give dowry in terms of land, jewellery and money. We can say if you can give huge dowry you can get anyone for your daughter. In ancient times dowry was taken only from upper caste families, but now becoming universal for everyone. Still in India marriage is taken as a big grand celebration from both sides of the family by calling all the relatives and taking their complete care till the marriage happens even if the bride is having a good job or highly educated still the bride has to give dowry for marriage. Dowry is not voluntary which is made by the bride or groom, it is demanded from the groom's parents. 

Dowry is growing like crime nowadays in India, in some family dowry is used as a threat, or in order to extract more money from brides family after knowing their financial condition. In north and east part of India show a high rate of dowry-related cases, even family do more domestic violence to the groom by not filling their demand, like continue abuse or threat by the husband and their family for the dowry girls do suicide. Nowadays we can say that groom parents take it like a business from the bride family. Dowry system making problem for the poor family they don’t get any groom who will marry their daughter without any dowry, it clearly shows that dowry system is becoming more violent and groom parents are making misuse of it. Dowry system should be stopped everywhere taking by groom side than the only country will be developed and even beti will grow. Dowry is also called as DAHEJ in Arabic, if it is given by bride side without any enforcement than only it is called a gift, else become as crime. If the dowry system completely wiped out than any bride father will not have any burden and there will be no killing of girls after or before birth. Dowry should be like on the interest of the bride family not on demand by the grooms family. Dowry was made for the security of the bride to their new family where she marries and goes but the human being has made it different on their need and demand. Let us go for no dowry and make our country pride and the bride and their parents pride and happy and joyful. Dowry should not be on-demand it should be accepted from the bride side what they receive and take it as blessings.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1: What are the Ways of Controlling the Dowry System?

Ans: To control the dowry system here are various steps:

  • Educate your daughters.

  • Motivate your daughter to be independent and responsible enough to carry out their own work.

  • Encourage gender equality.

  • Do not encourage of taking or giving of dowry

Question 2:  When the Dowry System Started?

Ans: During British time the practice of dowry system has become mandatory, in India dowry system represents as to inform of giving cash like lots of jewellery and other demands offered by the party.

Question 3: What are the Elements of Dowry Deaths?

Ans: Here are a few elements mention below:

  • Acid Attack.

  • Domestic violence.

  • Women humiliation.