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Essay on Dog

The dog is a pet animal. It is one of the most obedient animals. There are various kinds of dogs in the world. Some of them are very friendly while some of them are dangerous. There are various species of dogs. Some of them have slippery shiny skin and some have rough skin. Dogs are carnivorous animals. They like eating meat. They possess four legs, two ears, and a tail. A dog is called a man’s best friend. They are loving domestic animals. 

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General Facts of a Dog

Dogs are a part of the wolf family. They are domesticated carnivores belonging to the family of Canidae. They belong to the mammal category since the female dogs can give birth to puppies. They have mammary glands. They nourish the puppies with milk. They are warm-blooded animals. They are good swimmers and also friendly and helpful to humans. They are highly intelligent and sensitive animals. Dogs are trained to perform different tasks. They protect us from thieves and intruders by guarding our houses. Sniffer dogs are used by the police to find hidden things. Dogs are one of the most useful and loyal domestic animals in the world. 

Characteristics of a Dog

  • Dogs have a strong sense of smell. They never forget anyone they encounter because of this characteristic.

  • They are highly intelligent. 

  • They express their joy and happiness by wagging tails.

  • Dogs are the most loyal animals. There are no other species that are as loyal as dogs.

  • They love unconditionally. They don’t distinguish between people. They love who you are. They can sense your pain and can be your best friend.

  • They can read your emotions. So when you are sad, they become sad and when you are happy, they are happy.

  • This domestic animal is very simple. Most of their days’ work includes sleeping, eating, and playing. They try to make their owner happy every time. 

  • Dogs are selfless animals. They don’t have any extraordinary requirements. They look for little care and affection.

  • A dog becomes a good companion of its owner. 

How are Dogs Useful to Us?

  • Pets, especially dogs can bring psychological benefits. Spending time with them can reduce your stress and anxiety. It can calm you down when you are depressed and angry. They encourage exercise and playfulness which in turn improve your health. Dogs can help you ease feelings of self-isolation.

  • Sniffer dogs with their strong stimulus of smell can help humans to detect explosives, contraband, and even diseases. They help the police to catch thieves and other rogues. 

  • They also serve as good security guards and protect the environment. 

  • Some dogs are used for hunting. 


There are many kinds of dog breeds. Some popular breeds of dogs are as follows.

  1. Labrador Retrievers: They are a medium-large breed. They are very gentle and human lover dogs. They make good companions and assistance dogs.

  2. German Shepherd: They are basically sheepdogs. They are highly intelligent. This breed is known for its courage, loyalty, and guarding instincts. They make an excellent guard dog, police dog, and rescue dog. 

  3. Golden Retriever: They are even-tempered, affectionate, and intelligent. They normally don’t bark too much so that they are considered as good watchdogs.

  4. Bulldogs: They can be good pet dogs but they are very aggressive by nature. If things don’t go well with them they can show their aggression. 

  5. Beagle: They are small built dogs. Their appearance is similar to larger foxhounds. They are affectionate, temperamental, and independent. 

  6. Rottweiler: They are aggressive dogs and dominant dogs. They are highly active and intelligent. 

How is a Dog's Age Calculated?

As per the general guidelines, the first year of a dog is equal to fifteen years of human age. The second year of a dog equals about nine years of human age. Consequently, each human year is approximately five years for a dog.

The Lifespan of a Dog

Typically, a dog lives for 10 to 13 years, but it depends on the breed of the dog. The smaller sized dogs live over 15-16 years. The medium and large-sized dogs live for 10-13 years and some giant dog breeds often live for 7-8 years. 


Dogs are one of the most faithful and loyal species. All they need is a good treatment and care from humans. There are many dogs who don’t get proper shelter and care. We must go forward and help them and shower them with affection. In return, they will love us unconditionally. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. How is a Dog Classified?

Ans. The dog belongs to the family of gray wolves.

Q2. What are the General Features of a Dog? Mention Any Five.

Ans. Dogs are domesticated carnivore animals. They are mammals so they have hair on their bodies and have mammary glands. They are warm-blooded animals. Other characteristics of a dog are as follows.

  1. Dogs have a strong sense of smell. They never forget anyone they encounter due to this characteristic.

  2. They are highly intelligent.

  3. They are very good companions to humans and read through the emotions of humans. 

  4. They are simple and selfless animals.

  5. They give unconditional love and affection to humans.

Q3. What is the Lifespan of a Dog?

Ans. The lifespan of a dog is typically for 10-13 years but that depends on the breeds also. A smaller sized dog lives for 15-16 years, a medium or large-sized dog lives for 10-13 years and giant dogs like mastiffs live for 7-8 years only. 

Q4. How are Dogs Useful to Humans?

Ans. Dogs reduce the stress level and anxiety issues in humans. Some are good watchdogs and guard dogs for the police. The police can use them for catching thieves and other criminals. Dogs are also used for hunting. With help of their sniffing ability, they can detect bombs and explosives. In this way, they not only help humans but also protect our environment.