Two Stories About Flying Summary

Class 10 Two Stories About Flying is one of the most crucial chapters of English literature which plays a very vital role in the exam. In the following article, a summary of Two Stories About Flying Class 10 is given with an overview of the moral stories for students in English. Class 10 English chapter Two Stories About Flying is a collection of two stories by two different authors. Through the summary, His First Flight message of the story is given in detail.

Two Stories About Flying Class 10 Summary: A Brief Overview

Part 1 of Class 10 English Two Stories About Flying is called His First Flight story authored by Liam O’ Flaherty. The article aims at providing the summary of Two Stories About Flying part 2 along with part 1 in a composed manner. Part 2 is termed as ‘Black Aeroplane’ authored by Frederick Forsyth.

The first part of the story tells about a young bird known as Seagull. It is learnt that the bird was frightened to fly for the first time. It felt that it would not get any support from its wings at the time of flying. It is a story about overcoming the fear of flying of the bird. The story is beautifully designed and appropriate for the 10th standard students.

Summary of Two Stories About Flying part 2 describes a student who is coming back to England on a flight. The story is about the happenings on the way and the student’s narrow escape from death with the assistance of a strange aeroplane.

Summary of Two Stories About Flying Class 10: A Broader Aspect

His First Flight story is a story based on a young seagull that is a bit shaky to fly as it can’t trust its wings. All the other siblings of the particular seagull can fly swiftly despite their small wings. However, the young bird does not have enough belief in his wings. Every time, he becomes frightened at the brink of the edge while attempting to fly. His parents try to encourage him in various ways. Everything has gone in vain. The only thing he can do is to watch his parents flying with his siblings and giving them the lesson of skimming the waves. 

One fine day, the entire family is flying to a large plateau and the seagull is sitting hungry on the other side of the cliff. He requests his mother to give him some food. However, his mother doesn’t give him any food. Being too hungry, he just plunges to the fish with a loud shout. He can fly very swiftly and feels that his wings are cutting through the air.

After that incident, he can fly without any fear and his siblings also enjoy flying with him. The message of the story His First Flight is loud and clear. If you want to survive, you have to be fearless.

The second part of Class 10 English Two Stories About Flying is a story about a pilot. The author of the story was a pilot. The pilot was flying from Paris to London with a dream to spend his holidays with his family. He could see the dark clouds after crossing Paris which indicated the upcoming storm. 

The Pilot was thinking about the tasty breakfast after landing in London. At that very moment, it was obvious to return to Paris. He thought otherwise. He took risk of his own life along with the life of all the passengers of the plane. The pilot lost total control over the plane and the situation was getting worse. At that moment, he discovered another plane running through the storm. He decided to follow the mysterious plane to the North. Another problem arose as the fuel was getting low. He was guided by the anonymous pilot out of the storm and that strange plane disappeared suddenly. The astonishing fact was that there was no such plane except the plane of the pilot. 

Two Stories About Flying Class 10 summary is a perfect briefing about two entirely different stories. The only common thing is that the stories are about flying. The above article perfectly depicts the summary of Two Stories About Flying Class 10. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the message of the story His First Flight?

There is a very beautiful message given by the story His First Flight. The young bird in the story was frightened to fly as he did not trust his wings. Despite several attempts of his parents, he could not gather the courage to fly and all the efforts of the parents went in vain. However, at the moment of sheer hunger, he couldn’t resist himself from flying fearlessly. The underlying message is if you have nothing to lose, you will automatically learn how to cope up with the situation. You will become self-sufficient automatically when there will be no one to help you. This message is explained in the Two Stories about Flying summary in English.

2. What is the moral of part 2 of Class 10 English Chapter 3 Two Stories about Flying?

There is a very beautiful message hidden in part 2 of Class 10 English chapter Two Stories About Flying. The pilot in the story was in the middle of deep trouble. He was about to die along with the passengers of the plane. The mysterious plane that guided him was nothing but his own thought and motivation. He himself flew the plane across the storm and took it out of the storm. Sometimes God disguises himself as human beings. Here the pilot turned into God to save the lives of the passengers.