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Two Stories About Flying Summary

Last updated date: 26th May 2024
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Two Stories About Flying Summary Class 10 English

The article focuses on the summary of two stories about flying for Class 10. The first part is His First Flight and the second is Black Airplane.

So let's first begin with the summary of the following chapter which is as below:-

His First Flight By Liam O' Flaherty

The young Seagull was lonely on his Ledge. Sister and two brothers had already learned to fly. He wanted to fly but could not trust his wings, he thought that his wings would not support him. He was fearful of the depth of the sea and the long stretch. His father and mother persuaded him to flee and even scolded him. They threatened him that if he did not fly he would die of hunger, but the seagull remained stable at one place, and just could not move. 

It was getting hot as the sun was rising up in the sky. As he was hungry he could feel the heat even more. His mother tried to tempt him with pieces of fish realizing his madness for food as he was really hungry for a long time. His mother flew across to get nearer to him but the food was just within the reach of his beak but he just could not get it. He was so hungry that he dived at the fish. As soon as he did that he felt that his wings had spread outwards and the wind rushed against his breast feather. Slowly he soared downwards and upwards. 

Beneath him, he saw a vast green sea. He Tried to stand on the sea on which his parents and siblings had already landed. Just his feet sank into the green sea but he did not sink any further. His family praised him for his first flight.

Black Airplane by Frederick Forsyth

At night at 1:30, the author was flying his old Dakota airplane over France to England. The moon was coming up in the East behind him and the sky was clear. The stars were Shining In The Clear Sky. The author was dreaming about his holiday and was looking forward to being with his family.

He called Paris control to get instructed about his way. He was advised by them to turn 12 degrees West. And as he turned in that direction he saw storm clouds in front of him. He did not have enough fuel to go around the clouds. He decided to go back to Paris but also wanted to get home. He, therefore, took the risk. He could not see anything, it was all black outside the airplane. In those black clouds, he saw another airplane and was glad to see another person thinking that he was trying to help him. The author followed him. If you forgot half an hour and found that the fuel could only last for another 5 to 10 minutes. He began to fear and to go down. Suddenly on the ground, he saw two straight lines of Light.

He finally landed on the runway. It was a sign of relief for him. He looked for his friend in the black airplane but could not find one. He then went into the control Tower an active woman where he was. The author was wonderstruck as the woman told him that there was no other airplane except that of his. The author wondered who was the one in the black airplane without lights who helped him to arrive safely here.

FAQs on Two Stories About Flying Summary

1. What is the message of the story His First Flight?

There is a very beautiful message given by the story His First Flight. The young bird in the story was frightened to fly as he did not trust his wings. Despite several attempts of his parents, he could not gather the courage to fly and all the efforts of the parents went in vain. However, at the moment of sheer hunger, he couldn’t resist himself from flying fearlessly. The underlying message is if you have nothing to lose, you will automatically learn how to cope up with the situation. You will become self-sufficient automatically when there will be no one to help you. This message is explained in the Two Stories about Flying summary in English.

2. What is the moral of part 2 of Class 10 English Chapter 3 Two Stories about Flying?

There is a very beautiful message hidden in part 2 of Class 10 English chapter Two Stories About Flying. The pilot in the story was in the middle of deep trouble. He was about to die along with the passengers of the plane. The mysterious plane that guided him was nothing but his own thought and motivation. He himself flew the plane across the storm and took it out of the storm. Sometimes God disguises himself as human beings. Here the pilot turned into God to save the lives of the passengers.

3. What is the story of two stories about flying?

The first stories are about a young Seagull who was afraid to fly as he did not trust his wings. The Seagull and his younger siblings were flying and gathering phrases from their parents and on the other hand, the Seagull just could not fly as he was fearful to do so. The writer narrates the story as to how the seagull overcomes his fear. And the second story is the description of how the author escaped from death by following a mysterious airplane.

4. What was Liam O' Flaherty famous for?

Liam O'Flaherty, a short story writer, and an Irish novelist wrote from the perspective of the common people's experiences. In the first part of the 20th century, he was one of the most foremost socialist writers. Some of his famous novels include The Neighbors Wife, The Black Soul, Mr. Gilhooley, the assassin, Return of the Brute, The informal, The Wilderness Insurrection Famine, The Puritan, etc.

5. What was Fredrick Forsyth famous for?

Fredrick McCarthy Forsyth was a journalist and an English novelist. Best known for his trailers his most famous works include The fist of God, Icon,  The Afghan, Avenger,  The kill list, The cobra, The day of the jackal, The fourth protocol, The dogs of War, The Odessa File,  The Devil's Alternative. He was quite frequently acknowledged on the best sellers list. More than 70 million books in almost 30 languages were sold by him by 2006.

6. What is the message of a black airplane?

The message that the black airplane tries to convey is that courage is always guided by faith.  The Pilot has very experienced himself but began to panic after he saw black storm clouds all over outside the airplane. But still, he tried to take the risk and followed faithfully as and when he saw the signals guiding him towards a certain direction. He finally landed safely as it was not his fear that guided him but his faith.

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