Chandni Summary

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The story depicts the longing for freedom. The lead character in the story hosts his goats because they become the food of other animals while liberating themselves. The story, in particular, is of a brave goat whose name was Chandni. She longed for her freedom. She overcame her fears and fought back the mighty wolf. 

Summary of Chandni an Alien Hand Chapter 7 English

Abbu Khan, the main character of the story, lived in Almora. He was old and alone. To have companions he always kept a few goats as pets. He safeguarded his goats and gave funny names to them like Kalua, Moongia or Gujri. He took goats for grazing in the morning and tied them up at night. He talked to them as one talks to one’s children. He brought them juiciest grass and grain’s yet they preferred leaving his hut. He treated the goats with so much affection, yet he failed to stop them from running away. The hill breed goats loved their freedom and so whenever they got a chance they would run away to the hills but were killed by an old wolf who lived in the hills. 

Abbu Khan was so caring that he was not ready to accept their ill fate. He was sad that he could not stop the goats from going to the hills and being killed by the wolf. One day he decided that he wouldn’t keep goats anymore but he felt lonely and missed having pets, so he bought a young and pretty goat. He hoped the goat would be adapted to live with him and never want to go to the hills. He named her as Chandni because it was a white as snow with little horn and gleaming eyes. Abbu narrated her stories of all his previous pets and Chandni listened to them with keen interest.

Abbu Khan believed that Chandni would never leave him as they had lived together for seven years. Just opposite to his belief, Chandni wanted to free herself. She was mesmerized by the beauty of the hills bathing in sunlight. She hated the rope she was tied to. She stopped eating grass and slowly became weak. She stopped listening to Abbu’s stories. Slowly she lost her appetite. Chandni yearned to go to the hills. One day Chandni spoke her heart to Abbu. He was shattered when he heard that she wanted to leave him and go to the hills. He warned her about a dangerous wolf but she was ready to face and fight the wolf with her horns. Abbu wanted her to be safe but when she was undeterred, he got angry at the goat. He pushed her into a small hut and closed the door but forgot to close the window. Despite all convincing, Chandni escaped through the window the same night. 

Chandni was elated by seeing the hills. It seemed to her as the tall grass, the flowers, and the wind was welcoming her. She compared the bounties of nature with Abbu’s prison. She was the happiest goat in the world. She also refused to join the herd of wild goats who offered themselves. Chandni wanted to enjoy her freedom alone. The dusk arrived and there was darkness around. Then she heard glinting noise. She was afraid of the presence of a wolf. Then came the conflict in her mind whether to go back to Abbu Khan or fight with her fears. She said to herself that death is an open field that was far better than life in a small hut. The scary wolf appeared before Chandni. She did not leave her battle and was ready to fight like a true soldier. Even though she was weak before the mighty wolf, she decided to fight back with all her strength. The fight went on till dawn. Both of them were bathed in a pool of blood. Being ferocious it was considered that the wolf won the fight and a wise old bird declared with confidence that Chandni won the fight. Chandni was the winner. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Why Did the Wise Old Bird Say, “Chandni is the Winner”?

Ans. The wise old bird declared that Chandni was the winner because even being weak and timid in front of the wolf, she did not give up. She gathered all her courage and fought bravely with the wolf till the end. She did not leave the battlefield like a coward and as a true soldier fought for her freedom. She said to herself that death is an open field that was far better than life in a small hut. She stood firm on her legs, bending her head slightly and jutting out her horns. She was a true picture of courage. She looked like a brave soldier ready to fight a big and dangerous enemy. She died courageously in the morning completely soaked in blood.

Q2. Why Did Abbu Khan Feel Sad?

Ans. Abbu Khan brought the juiciest grass and grains for his goats. He showered deep love and affection on them as one shower on one’s children. He would talk to them and tell stories. Still, they broke the ropes loose and escaped into the hills to be killed by the wolf. It made Abbu Khan feel very sad and wondered where he was wrong. He never realized that even animals prefer death to bondage.

Q3. Why Did Abbu Khan Name His Young Goat as Chandni?

Ans. Abbu Khan named his young goat Chandni because she was very pretty. She was white as snow. She had two little horns and gleaming red eyes. She had a very friendly temperament. She was keenly interested in hearing Abbu Khan’s tales.

Q4. How Did Chandni Feel on Reaching the Hills?

Ans. Chandni was mesmerized with the beauty of the hills bathing in the sun. She was determined to go to the hills. She did not care the least for Abbu Khan’s loving words and affectionate gestures. She did not give any heed to his warnings also. Abbu Khan pushed her into a small hut but she managed to escape through the window. She thought the flowers, tall grass and the wind in the hill were welcoming her. She was very happy to be free from the prison-house of Abbu Khan. She did not even join the herd of wild goats who were willing to include her. She played joyfully on the grassy slopes of the hills till dusk.