Footprints Without Feet - Summary

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Summary of Footprints Without Feet

The author, Herbert George Wells, describes in his story, Footprints Without Feet how a scientist misused his discovery. The summary of footprints without feet is a thought-provoking story about a scientist named Griffin. The story revolves around the rare formula of invisibility developed by the scientist. He developed a drug, and after swallowing it, it made him invisible. Though he became invisible, none felt him physically. 

After some time, the scientist started misusing his power to steal clothes and money. He thought it’s not safe to stay in London with power and moved to a small village Iping. 

Footprints Without Feet Chapter Summary

It is a story about a scientist named Griffin, who was searching for different ways that could make a man invisible. He got success when he developed a formula through which he became invisible. Footprints without feet summary are all about the invisible man who cannot be seen but can feel physically by touching. Once, the scientist unintentionally stepped in mud due to which two young men saw him in the staircase of a house. They started following his footprints until it became faded. 

The scientist was feeling cold due to which he entered into a garment shop to feel warm. When the stores shut down, he picked some garments and wore them to feel comfortable. After that, he ate cold meat and some espresso from the kitchen of a café. He then decided to sleep on a stack of quilts in that store. However, the next morning, some store associates had started following him before he woke up. He then removed all his clothes to become invisible again. Now, the scientist is travelling here and there without any clothes in the frigid winters. 

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The above picture shows two men chasing an invisible man after observing his footprints. 

After some days, the scientist decided to get some garments and something to cover his face from a theatre company. He stole a hat, dark glasses, and some bandages for covering his face. Even he stole all the money from the shopkeeper by hitting him. He realised that London is overcrowded and not the right place to live the life of an invisible man. So, he decided to move to a small village named Iping. 

Story of An Invisible Man In The Village

Footprints without class 10 summary are about an invisible man who lived an interesting and adventurous life in London. However, he found that city is not the right destination for him. He took a train to the small village, Iping. The scientist booked two rooms at a guesthouse. The arrival of an outsider at an inn at winter times was an unusual incident. The landlord’s wife, Mrs Hall, tried her best to make the guest comfortable and behaved friendly. However, Griffin has shown no interest in talking with owners. Instead, he said that his reason for coming to this village is a desire for privacy. He expressed that he doesn't want any disturbance or interference in his work. 

Additionally, the scientist said that an accident affected his face. All of his statements made the owner satisfied as well as rent in advance. Mrs Hall was ready to forgive all his irritable temper or strange habits. However, the stolen money did not last for a long time, and soon Griffin realised that he had no money left. He did not admit it in front of Mrs Hall and made a statement that his cheque is arriving at a party. The summary of footprints without feet shows scientists misusing the discovery but also putting him in trouble. 

One day, the homeowner and his wife woke up early in the morning. They were surprised after seeing that the scientist’s room door is open. As it is normally shut and locked, they thought if any thief or some stranger entered his room. They took advantage of the opportunity and started investigating in his room. However, they observed extraordinary things there. In some time, the bedroom chair became alive and started springing in the air. It put both of them out of the room and locked the door. Mrs Hall was convinced that there are spirits in the room. 

At that point, the constable was requested to inquire about the scientist’s identity and what he did to her furnishings. It made him annoyed due to which he decided to show his identity as a headless man. However, people were unable to catch the scientist. 

Conclusion of Footprints Without Feet

The story of an invisible man shows how people misuse their discoveries for the sake of comfort and money. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: What do You think of Giffin as Scientist?

Ans: Talking about the brilliant mind and experiments of Giffin, you can never doubt him. The most evident result of his brilliant mind is the drug of invisibility. However, it also seems that he enjoyed the feeling of power that he found in the invisibility. He enjoyed hurting someone but never let them notice it.  People even felt irritated with it. This made him popular for his discoveries. However, this could be even worse on his part. Being a scientist, he needs to discover something beneficial for society. But Giffin always enjoyed sadistic pleasure to irritate people anyway. 

Q2: Do You Want to be Invisible Someday?

Ans: For most of the people thinking about becoming invisible could be a pleasure. However, the fact is everything has ups and downs with boons and banes. So this fact has. For a child, if he becomes invisible, he will always play pranks to others and become stubborn. This act, however, turns to be very frustrating one day. But if you become invisible one day, then it might even help you to beat up villains and win the game. This usually happens in Indians movies. Thus it helps you get rid of them. One time you may even feel the sadness of isolation.