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The Bond of Love Summary

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Last updated date: 13th Jul 2024
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Revise the Chapter Well with the Bond of Love Summary

Class 9 Chapter 9 English has a beautiful story written by Kenneth Anderson. It is about a small bear cub named Bruno and the author’s wife. They both shared a beautiful bond of love even though they belonged to two different species. The author wanted us to know that love does not know any differences or boundaries. If the love is true, it will always be remembered by the persons or animals in the holy bond. The Bond of Love Summary is framed by the experts of Vedantu for students in an easy language. It will help students to understand the context of the story properly. Even though Bruno was an animal, he still felt the absence of her wife’s unconditional love towards him. If you study the chapter well using the Summary of The Bond of Love, you will discover how simple and deep a connection of love can be between two different species. The bear became the family member of the author later on and lived happily with all the kids.

Summary of the Bond of Love

The 9th chapter is the perfect example of how love can be strong between a bear and a human being. The author has written the story in such a way that every reader will be able to feel the depth and power of love nicely. In the Bond of Love Summary, the author once rescued a bear cub from the wild. He gifted it to her wife. She immediately fell in love with the innocent cub and started nurturing him. The cub bonded with her wife so much that he became their son. They named him Bruno. The children and the dogs in the family were also very fond of the bear. All of them stayed in harmony together feeling loved and safe around each other.

You will find in The Bond of Love Summary Class 9 English that Bruno was a mischievous bear cub. He found rat poison one day and drank it entirely. It caused severe illness in the bear cub. He fell unconscious and was paralyzed by the effect of the poison. Thankfully, the family was able to save him. In another incident, the bear drank a gallon of old and rusty engine oil used to drive termites away. To everyone’s surprise in the family, it did not affect the bear at all. He still behaved like a small cub around his mother and father. The Bond of Love Class 9 Summary suggests that his name was changed to Baba. In Hindi, it means a small boy. He also learned a few tricks and sought appreciation from her human parents. His size started to become a concern for the safety of the children and the house.

Everyone agreed to send him to the zoo but the author’s wife did not give consent. He was then sent to the Mysore Zoo. The author’s wife missed him so much. She requested her husband to take her to the zoo. Everyone was sceptical that the bear would not be able to remember her as he was staying in the zoo with other animals for a long time. Her request was fulfilled one day as Kenneth was unable to bear his wife’s pain. After three months, they all went to the zoo to find Baba in good shape. In the Summary of Bond of Love, you will be surprised to know that Baba recognized everyone within a second of their approach, especially his human mother. She caressed Bruno and the bear was so happy to be around his mother. She was appalled by the behaviour of the bear even though he was away from the family for a long time.

As per Class 9 English Beehive The Bond of Love Summary, she did not want to leave Baba behind and requested to bring him back to the family. Once all the formalities are done, Baba was brought home. A special island and a dry pit were made for Baba to live happily amidst his family.


The Summary of The Bond of Love Class 9 shows how true lovers can never remain separated from each other. Even if the love is between a human mother and a bear cub, they still found peace close to each other.

FAQs on The Bond of Love Summary

Q1. Who Found Bruno?

Ans. Bruno, a bear cub was found and rescued by the author of this story. In this Summary of Bond of Love Class 9, the bear was gifted by the author to his wife. She took good care of the cub.

Q2. What Happened to Bruno When he Drank Poison?

Ans. As per the Summary of The Bond of Love Class 9 Beehive, Bruno drank rat poison and fell unconscious. The bear cub was paralyzed by the effect of the poison.

Q3. What Made Everyone in the Family Decide to Bring Bruno Back?

Ans. In Class 9 English Chapter 9 The Bond of Love, the wife of the author was unable to stay away from Bruno. So, they decided to bring him back from the zoo.