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CBSE Class 7 English Worksheet Chapter 7 Chandni - PDF

Last updated date: 17th Jul 2024
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CBSE Class 7 English Worksheet Chapter 7 Chandni - Download Free PDF

The summary of Chandni portrays the yearning and craving for the opportunity. The lead character in this story is an elderly person whose name is Abbu Khan. Abbu Khan was living in the city of Almora. He was a man who kept goats as pets. Besides, Abbu Khan gave his goats amusing names. His goats had a yearning for the opportunity. Nonetheless, their opportunity caused their demise as a wolf killed them. Subsequently, Abbu Khan turned out to be exceptionally miserable because of the passing of his goats. 

Abbu Khan chose to bring a little goat to conquer his pity. He chose to name this goat Chandni. A craving for opportunity came to Chandni once she progressed in years. Notwithstanding, Abbu Khan cautioned Chandni about the risk. Disregarding this, Chandni took off and turned out to be exceptionally blissful. At last, a wolf went after her and killed her. Chandni short summary is like an eye-opener for the people who lost their senses in the name of love. 

After understanding the summary of Chandni, it is crystal clear who is Chandni. As the goat is pretty and white in colour, Abbu Khan named the goat like this.

Access Worksheet for Class 7 English Chapter 7: Chandni

1. Why did the Goats of Abbu Khan want to escape? How did they do in the hills?

2. "Never again will I have Goats in my house," said Abbu Khan. Then he had a change of heart. Why?

3. Why did he purchase a little Goat?

4. Why did the rope around Chandni's neck make her so angry?

5. "Now that Abbu Khan knew what Chandni's problem was, what was it?"

6. Why didn't Chandni want to travel with the rest of the wild Goats?

7. Why did the old wise bird proclaim Chandni the victor?

8. Chandni thought to herself, "Death on an open field is better than life in a small cabin." Was the choice sound? Justify your choice.

9. Abbu Khan, who was he?

10. How can you claim that the Goats owned by Abbu Khan were the best of their kind?

11. What made Abbu Khan sad?

12. Why was Abbu Khan's little Goat given the name Chandni?

13. Why was Abbu Khan laughing with joy?

14. Chandni was pulled into a little hut by Abbu Khan. This indicates that he

  1. was violent.

  2. He wanted to keep her alive because of he loved her.

  3. was arrogant and selfish.

15. Chandni battled the wolf because of

  1. more powerful than the wolf.

  2. disliked the wolf.

  3. had to keep her freedom no matter what.

16. Where did Abbu Khan live?

  1. Hills

  2. Almora

  3. Mountain

  4. A hut

17. One day, Chandni told Abbu that:

  1. She desired to travel to the hills;

  2. He shouldn't take care of her;

  3. If she lived with him, she would die;

  4. both (a) and (b)

18. Once in the highlands, Chandni experienced:

  1. worn out and hopeless

  2. on top of the world

  3. experiencing separation pains

  4. being by herself

19. Fill in the blanks:

  1. Life means freedom. Interestingly, Goats gave up their ____for it.

  2. Even after Chandni's great efforts, she was also___.

  3. Chandni was declared the ____by a wise old bird.

  4. Abbu Khan was unlucky since he didn't ____the Goats.

20. True and False:

  1. Abbu Khan lived in Town.

  2. Kalua was one of Abbu Khan’s Goats. 

  3. Abbu Khan bought Chandni while she was very old.

  4. Chandni once requested permission from Abbu Khan to travel to the hills.

  5. Chandni preferred to spend her time alone in her newfound independence rather than mixing with the other wild Goats.

21. State the reason for the following:

  1. Chandni was purchased by Abbu Khan when it was still very young.

  2. She claimed that she would die if she stayed in his home.

22. Who wrote the story of ‘Chandni?

23. Complete the sentences:

  1. When Chandni reached the hills, she was very happy Meeting____

  2. Mountain Goats adore their independence___

24. Why did the rope around Chandni's neck make her so angry?

25. Who kept Goats as pets?

Answers to the Worksheet:

1. The Goats of Abbu Khan want freedom of movement and green grass to graze on. But a wolf in the hills killed them.

2. Abbu Khan's many pet Goats had a horrible experience staying put in one place. It limited them and inhibited their freedom. To experience true freedom, they all fled. So he made the decision to stop taking pets. However, he changed his mind due to how lonely he felt.

3. Abbu Khan thought he if he had a baby Goat then the Goat would be with him for a very long time.

4. Chandni missed the hills and wished for independence, much like the other Goats. The wolf did not frighten her. After that, Abbu tied a rope around her neck and locked her inside a house. Chandni was forced to run in the direction of the beautiful hills. She was drawn back by the rope. So she hated it.

5. Chandni's problem and her desire for freedom were recognized by Abbu. The problem with Chandni was that she disliked being locked up. She was attracted to the hills.

6. Chandni declined the invitation since she wanted to take advantage of her unexpected independence by herself.

7. Since Chandni fought bravely to the end to keep her freedom, the wise old bird declared her the victor.

8. Chandni made the proper choice by choosing freedom of movement in wide-open fields over a cramped cabin. For the sake of liberty, no cost is too great.

9. Abbu Khan was a senior citizen. In Almora, he was the lone resident of a little hut. He raised some Goats. During the day, he let them graze. He would speak to them at night as if they were his children.

10. In steep areas, Goats detest being tethered to poles or trees. They yearn to be free. Goats owned by Abbu Khan also had freedom. They tore their strings, and they disappeared into the slope. They were the best hill breed, as evidenced by this.

11. The tastiest grass and grains were given to Abbu Khan's Goats. He showered them with love, just as a parent would do for their children. Yet they managed to break the ropes free and sprint right into the teeth of death. It depressed Abbu Khan. Even the animals chose death over servitude (bondage).

12. The little Goat was rather beautiful. She had snow-white skin. She possessed two little horns. Her eyes were flashing red. She was kind by nature. She had a strong connection with Abbu Khan. Abbu Khan gave her the name Chandni as a result.

13. The bigger Goats were not always with Abbu Khan. They all left at the same moment. He then purchased a baby Goat. He thought the little Goat would appreciate his affection and food. She would never consider the hills. He laughed heartily at it.

14. He wanted to keep her alive because of he loved her.

15. had to keep her freedom no matter what.

16. Almora

17. (d) both (a) and (b) 

18. (b) on top of the world.


  1. Life.

  2. Killed.

  3. Victor.

  4. Understand 


  1. False

  2. True

  3. False

  4. True

  5. True


  1. Chandni was purchased by Abbu Khan when it was still very young. He made the decision to show it as much love and comfort as he could. 

  2. Chandni once requested permission from Abbu Khan to travel to the hills. She claimed that she would die if she stayed in his home.

22. Zakir Hussain.


  1. When Chandni reached the hills, she was very happy. Meeting her parents again after a protracted absence made her feel like a child.

  2. Mountain Goats adore their independence. They dislike being tied to a pole or tree.

24. The rope around Chandni's neck kept her from visiting the lovely hills, which she detested. With the potential repercussions in mind, she wished to be rid of it.

25.  Abbu khan.

Benefits of Class 7 English Chapter 7 Chandni Worksheet

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Examples of Class 7 English Chapter 7 Chandni Worksheet

1. Abbu Khan's pet is

  1. Cow

  2. Dog

  3. Goat

Answer: c

2. Where did Chandni want to go? 

  1. Forest

  2. Hills

  3. Home

Answer: b

3. Abbu Khan pushed Chandni into a small hut to

  1. Save her

  2. Punish her

  3.  with cruelty 

Answer: a) to save her

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FAQs on CBSE Class 7 English Worksheet Chapter 7 Chandni - PDF

1. What were the funny names of the goats?

The funny names that the Abbu Khan gave to his goats were Kalua, Moongia, Gujri etc.

2. How did Chandni manage to run away finally?

As Chandni was put in a small hut, it was easy for her to jump out of a window.

3. What was her feeling after seeing old hills?

Chandni felt immense pleasure. She forgot her age and felt like a child meeting her parents after years of separation, after seeing old hills.