An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away Essay

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Essay on An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

An apple a day keeps the doctor away is an ancient saying. This message has been around since the 18th century during the Victorian period. It tries to encourage kids to consume nutritious fruits like Apple.

It has stood the test of time. Besides, it means that one must eat healthily, maintain a good lifestyle. As apples are one of the healthiest fruits in the market and one can consume them any time of the day.

Long Essay on An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away in English

An long essay on an apple a day keeps the doctor away in English talks about people's unhealthy habits. One tries to learn how they can rectify them. Unhealthy habits and pollution harm the world. One can often hear young children suffering from blood pressure and heart diseases.

Consuming healthy food is one's right to healthy living. The world is reeling under a dangerous pandemic that refuses to leave mankind. This makes it all the more important to lead a healthy living.

The phrase, an apple a day, can keep the doctor away, hold value. Apples have been around since the era of Adam and Eve. In the 18th century, kids in England were told to consume a small apple before going to bed.

Right from childhood, one must have heard parents and the elderly emphasizing healthy eating. This enables kids to eat healthy food and refrain from junk food. The apple is a symbol of healthy eating.

One can munch on it anytime they want. Besides, one can prepare several food items using the fruit. The need to cook it does not arise unless one wants to consume it differently. Additionally, apples come with vitamins, minerals, salts, and water.

The paragraph on an apple a day keeps the doctor away emphasizes on the fact that one must eat healthily. A small apple comes with more than 80 calories of energy. The fruit comes with flavonoids, which are essential for the body.

Finally, apples contain enzymes that are good for having positive vibes in the brain. Even aging can be controlled by having the fruit regularly. Today, one can find a variety of junk food that is so readily available.

They can be French fries, burgers, cold drinks, candy, and so on. Kids are very tempted to consume them. Sadly, they are the ones affected due to a low diet. However, one must not take the literal meaning.

It does not mean that one can survive only consuming apples. Along with eating an apple, It is important to consume healthy food loaded with nutrients that the body needs. It is up to the individual to decide on the direction they want to take their health.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. The essay reminds us to eat and live healthily.

Short Essay on An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor away

Paragraph on An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor away

In the 18th century, there was a similar saying. It went like, have an apple before going to bed, and stop the doctor earning his bread. The bread refers to the salary or income. An apple a day keeps the doctor away and an essay educates people on healthy life.

There are tons of health benefits to consuming the apple. Even the skin of the apple is healthy and contains large amounts of minerals and vitamins. Those who prefer peeling the apples might reconsider doing it henceforth.

Due to the pectin in the apples, unwanted toxins in the body are removed. This also helps in controlling mental deterioration. Those consuming apples tend to be fitter, stronger, both physically and mentally.

Apples come with no fat and are low on sodium, promoting good health. Besides, they are rich sources of magnesium and potassium. They are good for the teeth, too, as they kill germs on your gums. Hence, chewing the fruit slowly in the mouth prevents tooth decay.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away; expansion of ideas is seen once it is consumed. The fruit also comes with galacturonic acid that removes the toxic present in the body. Another acid, the malic acid, is good for digestion and the liver.

Kids and adults with asthma might consider having apples. The health benefits of consuming apples and other fruits are too hard to ignore. In a short essay on an apple a day keeps the doctor away, one learns the importance of eating healthy.


To conclude the essay on an apple a day keeps the doctor away, one must have a healthy lifestyle. Nobody enjoys being sick and falls ill often. It is physically, emotionally, and financially draining.

One cannot expect others to leave their work to take care of the sick. The best way to avoid falling sick is to consume healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. Besides, with some hard work and dedication, one can lead a proactive life.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What does the phrase An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away indicate?

Ans. An apple a day keeps the doctor away is an English Proverb which means eating nutritious food will make you healthier and fit. It does not  mean one must only consume apples. Having proper nutritious food along with consuming apples ensures that the body and mind are healthy.

This avoids unwanted medical attention, and the person remains hale and hearty. In simple terms, one does not have to visit the doctor often. The term apple is used to signify the benefits of having fruits, vegetables. It also helps one to lead a healthy lifestyle.

2. Write a short paragraph on an Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor away?

Ans. Having a balanced diet is crucial for health. One must make sure that they consume foods that are rich in vitamins and proteins. Fruits contain essential vitamins like Vitamin A, B, and C. Likewise, vegetables and meat contain important elements that the body needs.

They must be taken in proper quantities. Each of the food items come with their own benefits to the body. One must consume them to enrich the body by consuming them regularly.