Doctor Essay for Class 7 Students

Essay on Doctor for Class 7 Students

A Doctor is a person who helps to keep human health in healthy condition. Doctors help patients to get relief from their pain. Doctors play a very essential role in human life. We can say Doctors are the incarnation of the god. In India, we celebrate National Doctor’s Day on July of 1st to thank physicians and doctors for their dedicated services to patients. 

Becoming a doctor it's also not an easy task. Educationally, it's a very challenging part to earn a degree with good knowledge and marks. A doctor’s routing life is not as easy as normal people. They don't have a fixed lifestyle like five days of working or only an 8 hours time slot and so on. They have to be available any seconds of the emergency. There will be any type of emergencies such as an accident, any unbearable pain in any organ or any other reason relating to the patient. A doctor should keep calm and help patients. Doctors build friendly relations with patients to make them comfortable. Doctors always have to be alert on their duty. Doctors cannot afford to make any single mistake, because one of their mistakes can lose patient life. 

A stressful life and changes in environment can be detrimental to our health. Unhealthy and chaotic nutrition is adopted by people who work around the clock. Being too busy involves a high level of stress, a cause for multiple diseases. In such a situation doctors become an indispensable part of our life. There are different doctors for different patient problems. For dental problems, we have to visit the dentist. Similarly, Orthopedic, Gynecologic, Pediatrician, Veterinarian, etc. In Pandemic situations like COVID 19, doctors play a very vital role. Without their support, it's impossible to fight against it. In such scenarios, doctors play roles like soldiers who help us to fight against COVID 19 compromising their life too.

Nowadays, the medical field has changed. Due to some greedy people, the entire system has changed. The expense of medical education is much higher than other education. Hence some doctors start to recover from Patients by misleading them. Many corporate hospitals decide the treatment of patients as per their income source. On the other hand, most of the time some doctors prescribes medicine which has a higher cost because such brands provide some gifts or tours to doctors. Some time on the power of money undeserved students also get a degree. Such incompetent doctor’s treatment adversely affects the patient’s life. Even though in India many students get degrees with good knowledge, most of these doctors prefer to fly to other countries with good income sources. On the other hand in India, most of the rural areas, poor patients deprived of better medical treatment.

As we know, every coin has two sides. Some good examples are also available in society; these doctors can earn good money and can enjoy a good, comfortable life. But they can’t because they believe in humanity. Dr. Prakash Baba Amate is one of the best examples of such a great doctor.