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Class 9th drainage chapter talks about different aspects of drainage. You get to know why drainage is so important and why it needs to be present in every household. In addition to this, students will learn about drainage in geography and how it is done naturally to get collected in one place. 

This note also discussed the drainage summary and some essential points that will help students prepare for their exams. Drainage might sound like an easy topic, but it can be too challenging if you haven’t studied it. So go through the notes and read the chapter to understand better questions that will come in exams.

CBSE Class 9 Geography Chapter 3 Notes - Drainage part-1
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why is drainage essential for crops?

It is crucial to prepare your soil correctly for the upcoming crops. All the rain which the land receives during the monsoon and the winter season won’t make crops bad. When you have a drainage system on your farm, the soil will be properly aerated. In case you get excess standing water in your farm, it can lead to choking of the crops and making them unusable for the yielding season. 

Often, the farm loses tons of soil and gets nutrients that were present in the soil that is essential for crops to grow properly. Also, a proper drainage system can avoid soil erosion. Lastly, with the help of drainage systems, farmers can save excess water, which can then be used during the dry season when there is a shortage of water from natural resources. 

2. Different types of drainage systems which one is used for preventing water logging?

There are different types of drainage systems that are used depending on the situation and location. A well-designed drainage system will address all the issues which might come in the future during heavy rainfall and other disasters. 

There are mainly three types of drainage systems: the subsurface, downspout, and slope drainage system. The subsurface drainage system is most common as it is used to prevent waterlogging. They start to deteriorate with time, trees, and roots if the water around them is not cleared out. This clogging of water can quickly kill the plant if the water doesn’t drain properly. With a subsurface, trenches were built underground, and a collector needs to be installed to gather the water in one place, which is coming from the pipes.